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How Microdosing Might Impact Your Healthy & Wealth & Wisdom for 2022

Have you thought about your new year’s resolutions yet?

Most people focus on health and wealth/career goals…..and then give up on them by Feb 1st!

We want more for you!

Today we will talk about one tool that just may be the missing link for you (as it was for me)


Yes, you read that right.

Our guest today helped me with this in 2021.

Hugh T Alkemi is an herbalist and mycologist.

From a young age, he studied dreams and symbolism, and comes from a line of dreaming curandero/as from Southern California and Mexico.

He is an educator, father, and community leader that inspires people to heal and bravely transform their landscape for the best.

Hugh spends his time studying nature and alchemy.

The world is changing.

The Fungal Kingdom and Humanity can help this change to be more harmonious and aligned with life and nature by acting as lovers and stewards with the Earth. Mushroom Shaman spored from EntheoRadio podcast network and is now the shamanic hub for services and articles on Shamanism and Mushrooms for Health and Transformation. They currently offer shamanism and microdosing classes online, in Arizona and in California, and they are preparing for the decriminalization of mushroom medicine in 2022 in CA. Their goal is education, service, and empowerment.

Check out his microdosing class and free supply of tools/materials here:

promo code: lois

From teaching about shamanism, divination, and astrology, to mycology and herbal medicine, Mushroom Shaman is an online resource connection humans through the mycelial network and reminding us of what was here long before us, what’s here now, and what will be hereafter us. And even what’s across the Universe.

microdosing, mushrooms, health, immunity, reishi, transformation

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