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How do money blocks impact your personal and professional life

How do money blocks in  your mind impact your personal and professional life?

Today we talk about that with Monica Dubay for this extra special bonus podcast show

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How do money blocks in your mind impact your personal and professional life? – powered by Happy Scribe

Well, a writer writer. Right.

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Happy April. This is Coach Louis with a bonus impromptu episode, a short episode of my Healthy, Wealthy and Wise podcast. I’m going to be doing more and more of these, finding that a lot of people just want a little bit of inspiration here and there to keep them going through this thing called life. And if you’ve been watching my show for a while, Healthy and Wealthy, Wise is really meant to help you, the salesperson, the entrepreneur, the mom, the dad, whatever your labels or titles are for yourself to live your best life. And I have some exciting changes coming up to my membership this month. And I wanted to highlight someone who’s going to be a part of those changes. My friend Monica Dubaix of Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life. You’ve seen her before. She’s been one of my guests on my podcast, and she’s going to be a part of my coffee sales formula, inner circle membership transition from simply sales coaching to life and sales coaching. I’m so excited to have you here today, Monica, to talk about money blocks. Right. So money blocks are a thing. You hear people say, I don’t have enough money, which oftentimes leads to I don’t have enough time.

Those money blocks, those scarcity thoughts, they impact us personally and professionally. And I know you coach on this, so I wanted to come to the expert. I EU why did these things happen and how they impact us personally and professionally?

Well, they really are the big thorn in our side. Whenever we go to do something big. Right. We start a business. We do something that’s outside of our comfort zone, outside of what we’re known to do, like we’ve been doing. And suddenly this is a voice in your head that’s saying, oh, you can’t do that, you shouldn’t do that. You don’t have enough this and you don’t have enough that. And that voice is what’s going to stop you if you listen to it. And so I help people break through those limiting beliefs or that inner saboteur that’s trying to stop you. And I’ve come up with a couple of programs, one basically on creating a new vibrational frequency with money. So you let go of those limiting beliefs and really step into much more freedom so you can train your mind to do that. And that’s primarily what I do.

Yeah, I love that. And you made me think of something, actually, I wasn’t planning on going in this direction, but I just love how spirit leads us. Right. So I know for me when I’ve had those thoughts, like, I don’t have enough money or I don’t have enough time, a lot of it comes because I don’t think I’m enough.

Totally. So I’ve been a spiritual teacher for a long time, like three decades. And that voice inside your head is always in a state of scarcity. It does not know what it is. So if you listen to that part of your voice, it’s always sort of attacking or feeling less than or comparing itself to everything, then you will have that voice in your head. And if you do listen to it, it’s poison for your business. It’s poison for your life and your business. And so you need to learn ways to really shift out of those thoughts and beliefs sort of quickly, as quickly as possible and notice when it comes up. So you can shift and change again and let go. Because once you have the habit of learning how to do that and you can use it all the time, then you don’t get stuck in it anymore and your consciousness does shift and you’re much more effective in your life.

I love that. And I know you’re going to be talking about that Insider membership next Wednesday and then later on this month. But for those people who may not be in my membership or maybe can’t attend the class that we’re going to have later this month, is there like one daily habit or muscle stretching thing that they can do Besides obviously being aware? Oh, my gosh, I just had that thought that I don’t have enough money.

The thing to do is to recognize it. Don’t just push it away or think it’s going to go away. Deal with it. So write it down. When you hear yourself say that, you write it down and then challenge it. And I do. Baron Katie’s, four questions, as well as my own energy release work. But truly challenge the belief because once you get the hang of how to challenge it and not let it rule you, you can undo thoughts within like 510, 15 minutes. And they can be really thoughts you’ve had your whole life. But that’s what I teach in my programs because once I learned how to do it, it was so powerful to really, truly challenge the belief, listen to it. Don’t make it wrong or bad. Oh, there’s that thought again. Oh, who’s saying that? No, just deal with it. Because it’s nothing really. It’s just a thought and thoughts. Actually, it’s not nothing. It’s a thought. And thoughts have effect, but we don’t have to pay that much attention to it if we’re dealing with it, you know what I mean? So it’s kind of tricky. You’ve got to learn to deal with it but not make it into this big, huge problem.

I love it. Yeah. And I know we’re going to have you next week in my lead generation class.

Which, by the way.

Guys, if you aren’t already a part of the Kofi sales formula, inner circle membership, go and check out my link I have here on the screen and I’ll drop in the notes, loiscoffee. Commembership I’m expanding it to include life coaching and sales coaching now because I have seen and this will maybe be my last thought to you, Monica. Because I Know we’re Going To talk about it this month is people. They Want More sales, they Want more leads. However, they Seem To Be scarce in both right. So how does These Negative thoughts, These Saboteur thoughts impact someone’s lead Generation and sales activity in Your perspective?

Well, you May Want More sales, you May Want To Be really successful, But There’s A Part Of You Often That’s Afraid Of It And It Will Sabotage You. And So If You Don’t Deal With That, You’re Going To Have That Repeat Itself. Like, oh, there I go again. I Wanted To Get To six figures, But Something Stopped me. And It’s Always Something internal. It’s Always Something In The Mindset That’s Stopping You. There’s Something That’s unsafe For You To Actually make More money. So no matter What Your Intentions are and How Much You May Have Paid A Sales Coach all this Money And It’s All great. But if You Don’t Clear Out The Blocks That Your Emotional Blocks That Are In The Way, Then You Will Constantly Be tripped up By that. And All Successful People know that. They All Have mindset coaches Because It’s So Tricky. The Mind Is Very Powerful and You Do Have To deal With It.

I Love it. Well, we’re Going To End there Because We Want You Guys to inquire. You can comment below With Questions. If You Were Like Louis, tell us More About this membership. Monica, please Tell us More about you. If You Saw Value In This Today, Please Hit The Share Button. As I Always Like To Say, Sharing Is Caring. Who Do You Know That Struggles With Time Scarcity Or Financial Scarcity And Is Constantly Self sabotaging Them? One Of My Favorite Signs Of That Is You’re Buying A New Course Every Month Trying To Find The Answers. Even Though You Already Have All The Answers. You Are Enough. You Can Create And Manifest Whatever You Want. It’s Just Those Self Sabotaging Thoughts. So thank You So Much, Monica. Heal your Mind. Heal Your Life. I’m So Excited To Have You To Be A Part Of My New And Improved Life and Sales Coaching membership. So until next Time, Guys Look Forward To Popping In Spontaneously Again And Giving You A Little Bit Of A Boost. Something To Ponder, something To Chew On That Can improve Your Health, your Wealth And Your Wisdom. Thanks Again, Monica. See you guys.

It Was A pleasure.


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