Healthy N Wealthy N Wise

with Lois Koffi

Creating Leverage Thru Certifiying Your Method or Process With Ann Ljungberg

My guest today is the ultimate example of Healthy N Wealthy N Wise!

I have never talked about this topic on my show yet – in almost 200 episodes!

Would you like to make more money in less time and still help many more people?

Would you like time freedom and be anywhere in the world you want to be at anytime?

Ann Ljungberg has that!

After a long career in IT, Ann Ljungberg moved onboard a sailboat in 2002 and

turned her hobby – writing – into a job.

She developed an expert method to develop manuscripts for publishing. After teaching the method to other entrepreneurs in her Literary Consultancy Academy she decided to help other experts to monetize their methods – by licensing, certification, and other tribe building strategies. She still lives on the sailboat, is currently in Spain, and works globally online.

Get your FREE ticket to Ann’s Monetize Your Method Chummit

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This will be an actionable

CHUMMIT – a challenge and a summit – where you will meet amazing speakers and work on monetizing YOUR method. 

Join The Expert Method Bootcamp where you will structure your work so that your expertise can scale! 

I will be speaking on it on Jan 28th

During this 5-day chummit you will take action on important business building items like:

1. Master your Method

2. Magnetize your Method

3. Materialize your Method

4. Multiply your Method

5. Market your Method

All in all – Monetize your Method! 

I can’t wait to see what happens for your business after we go through this chummit together.


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