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Creating a Million $$ Personal Brand Image Online

Coach Lois interviews Josee Brisebois this week to help YOU LOOK AND FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS!

Josee is a celebrated personal stylist with a remarkable professional background.

Since 2009, Josee has been creating personal brands and styling speakers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Prior to opening her company, Josee was a television newscaster, and a Hollywood actress who starred in a feature film. In addition to her on camera experience, she is an accomplished branding expert off-camera who served as a marketing and branding manager in the technology industry right in the middle of the dot com boom.

A graduate of McGill University with a degree in business and marketing, Josee has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS. She applies more than 20 years of experience to help high achieving women get promoted; attract high level ideal clients and business opportunities, while creating an absolutely unforgettable personal brand. is her free gift!!

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Welcome to the Healthy and Wealthy and Wise podcast with global sales trainer and professional speaker Lois CofI each week, it is her goal to share inspiration and education for you to be to have the best health and wealth and wisdom for your life. Well, all right, all right, all right. Happy Friday. This is Lois Cofee with another episode. This is our live podcast show that we do every Friday here on Facebook. So if you are tuning in live, welcome.

Our live studio audience has the opportunity to always ask questions of our guests to actually get to meet our guests. And if you are listening to this on iTunes, welcome. You can also find me healthy and wealthy and wise dot com, as well as my Facebook community, healthy and wealthy and wise Facebook community, where you can meet these guests, real, authentic, amazing people with amazing messages that are here to help to the salesperson and the entrepreneur, the small and medium sized business owner be able to connect with these people because I always interview every single Friday in my live show, and this will be up in iTunes by Monday.

I always feel people who have stories who are authentic and who actually use their skills and their gifts and their career to help you have amazing businesses lives physically, mentally, spiritually, financially. The name for me, healthy and healthy. And why is a hello, Kim? Kim is joining us. Kim, let us know where you’re tuning in from. If you can do hashtag live in the city and state or country because we have a global community.

I would love to hear where you guys are tuning in. So today I have an amazing voice. I just met just say this year she lives here in Southern California with her family. And today we’re talking about how do you create a million dollar personal brand? And this is this is huge, guys, because everybody’s online right now. Everybody’s on matings stream. Are you on Facebook? The flies or LinkedIn lives. And I’m actually in the process of just starting the process and hiring just so that I send things up a notch myself to be totally transparent because I believe I have a multi, multimillion dollar business inside of me that that needs to come out.

And I believe a lot of you do, too. So I’m going to go ahead and just shut my trap and turn it over to you to say I’d love for you to share your background. Why do you do what you do?

OK, well, so I’m so Xaver is one a personal fashion stylist and branding expert. That’s how I like to call myself. And the reason I do what I do, my gosh, it starts from way, way back when when I was a little girl. So what happened is I had a very, very low self-esteem as a little girl. My nickname in my family of four girls was chubby. And yeah, it made me like Tonet, not like myself at a very deep level, like I always thought there was something wrong with me.

And and what happened is I started school, elementary school. And, you know, fortunately, my mom put us in nice clothes. And because of that. I got, like attention from all the other kids that I would never have imagined, especially feeling like crap the way I was feeling, but I was still treated like in admiration, like like me and my sister were like the little queen bees. It was cool. And it really, like, made me understand from that young age, like I’m talking like seven years old.

It made me realize the power of clothes and the power of how you present yourself not only affects how other people perceive you, but it really affected how it made me feel in return. And so, honestly, if it wasn’t for this, I don’t know how much lower it could have gone in my low self esteem, you know what I mean? Like that. So help me to build myself up. And from that young age, I put so much emphasis on on the way I was dressing, you know, from my entire life to accomplish like so many things.

I’ve done so many things that I’m proud of that I don’t think I could have done if I if I didn’t, like, look and feel really good about the way that I present myself. And that’s why it’s like. Kind of like a passion of mine to help other women, I help men too, but especially women, to really gain their confidence, exude confidence. And, you know, I say I help women gain their confidence back from all the bullies they’ve encountered in their life.

And that includes ourselves, mostly because we’re our worst critic, really. So, you know, when you start like dressing to feel good about yourself is the quickest way to feel better about yourself and to start having more success and change your life. And that’s not something you have to do the internal work for sure. But the quickest way that personally I’ve found is this. That’s awesome. It’s really well, because I know you are a very deep person and you’re not superficial and it’s not about it’s not just about how you look.

It’s it’s really your because success is an inside job and health and wealth and wisdom is is a journey to be sure. And yourself. You’re so humble. I didn’t want to I didn’t want to let you go through your process. But she didn’t say that. She’s also been a television newscaster. She’s a Hollywood actress, starred in a feature film. So she’s actually had a lot of success. And I would have never, ever guessed that you were called chubby as a kid and that you would have struggled with self-esteem because you just come across with such passion and authenticity, which is probably rare for Hollywood.

But you’re you’re such a passionate person and you do many good things for people. Can you share maybe. And I know we’re going to we’re going to share some visuals, guys. But before we get to the visuals, I’d love for you to share maybe any success that you’ve seen with your clients that you can think of. I mean, I know Jenny Hakl wrote, I’ve seen what you did with her and how she’s skyrocketed. Six figure income business before and after.

So I’ve personally seen it. But can you share any stories that that are really powerful?

Oh, my gosh. I have so many. I mean, the one that that I like to tell just just so that it makes people understand it, like, really the impact that it has. I had this one client. He was very qualified and he was waiting for his promotion. He’d been waiting for over a year and he just would not get his promotion. And after the so then he decides to work with me and after working together and I made him look like the promoted part that he was he wanted because that’s what do you need to do.

You need to dress for where you want to be, not where you’re at. And after like we did this transformation, he got his promotion that he wanted in three weeks, like not three months, three weeks. So that’s just to tell you, like the power that the way that you present yourself has and also mainly I mean, just give you another example. I work a lot with women entrepreneurs mainly. And so, Jenny, you know, she she went from, like, not really so sure about the way she was dressing to when she told me she goes on stage, people are like, oh, my gosh, you look amazing.

You look like a rock star. And said, like, I sold like 40 grand in a 40 minute talk. That’s because she looks the part. And another client, she increased her her three day advance by at least two hundred grand because she leveled her image. So it’s like I mean, there’s more and more and more I could go on, but I don’t know how much time we have. It’s just it’s just amazing to me every time I see it.

And it’s obviously an investment, but I consider it like you’re talking about, you’re kind of shifting my paradigm. It is like a personal development investment, like I spend two grand a month on my on my business. I mean, I see it as an investment that’s going to pay off and investing in yourself. This gentleman is so critical. And I never would have thought of you as kind of like almost like a life coach or a personal development coach because, I mean, do you feel like that?

Like when you take someone from point A to point B, do you have, like, psychological or emotional conversations or is this just strictly it just happens as a result of them getting into those books?

I yeah, I do definitely. It always depends on the person, but definitely the way they feel like definitely comes up in the conversation and everyone is different. They all have different issues and things that it’s going on that they want to work on. But yeah, it’s an internal work as well, but mainly the way I like to see it as I work from the outside in. So when you see the best potential, their best selves, the best version of themselves, it really creates a shift in the mind.

So that because that’s what this contest is all about, guys, is wanting you to be and become the highest and best version of yourself. And I’m curious, as your business really taken off because of covid and Zoome and people having to figure out how to look on on camera and lighting or what is it done for you this year?

Well, honestly, when it first hit, I was like, oh my gosh. Well, I might as well like just stop working because no one is going to want no one was thinking about dressing up right the first two months and it was really quiet, but then it really picked up. And thankfully and yes, because I think people are realizing, OK, first of all, you know, when when you’re doing videos online, you you know, you’re online.

It takes people like less than two seconds to scroll through your videos, scroll through your image, and if you don’t look like a credible, successful expert in your field. You are losing like there’s no telling how many how many potential clients are scrolling through your image, so it becomes so important to really, like, pay attention to the way you present yourself, because, you know, as I always say, it’s not because we’re shallow. People like we all value the internal the person inside, but.

You know. The are wired to like the pretty shiny object, so if someone is going to, like, see someone that looks a little like flabby and someone that looks like shiny, you can be sure they’re going to go for their shiny object. Right. So that’s why it’s so, so, so important to really pay attention to the way that you present yourself. That’s so true, I mean, I always talk about energy and vibration and like attracts like, you know, a lot of times sales and more because you believe in yourself and you raise your vibration, your whole law of attraction and sometimes the law of attraction if you don’t believe in yourself and you don’t dress for success.

And I can totally see how it’s not a it’s not going to be a negative statement. People will judge you and people will size you up, so to speak, both energetically and image physically. I’m really excited to get to know you. We’ve got some of your fans that are on here giving you shots out from Canada. Kim and Rebecca. Hello.

Yay, Rebecca.

So if anybody joins us, if you have questions for just say this is I’m going to go ahead and have you actually, because I know this is such a visual thing, I would love for you to not only talk about, but show us how do you teach someone to create a million dollar grant?

So I, I have some images to to share because, you know, one image is worth a thousand words. So I thought I would like to share some images real quick just to give people an idea of what it takes. So awesome, and I know people that are listening and tuning in on iTunes, if you’re listening to this later at a later date, you can always find this video on my YouTube channel or again, inside of my healthy and wealthy and wise community.

I do think this is powerful. So here you go. We’ve got beautiful pictures up here on the screen, guys. So so basically here I wanted to show you a generic image of people that try to look nice, but it looks very generic. And that’s not what we’re going for. Yes, they look somewhat professional, but it’s not exclusive for this guy with his backpack is pretty funny, but you’ll show yourself, but. So and then I wanted also to talk about this lady.

She’s not a client of mine, but I just wanted to make a point, like she’s a very successful speaker coach, and she wanted to look professional, which does. But she also kind of like wanted to just blend and look professional. And she was struggling. And then she decided to brand that her image and now she looks like this. And now this lady makes her name is Kristin Thompson, and she makes like over seven figures because of her.

And she’s now has a clear idea of who she is and what her brand is. And I just wanted to make a point of how much branding is important. That’s a client of mine that’s heard before. And she’s a very accomplished trial attorney, but also a very creative one. She wants to teach other attorneys how to become attorneys. And so this is representing her creativeness. This is not going to wear this in the trial, but that’s what she’s going to wear to meet with clients and they’re going to, you know, like identify with her, with her creative side.

So that’s another client and that’s him now. So I know what a big difference. Right. So this this is a speaker. Who do you think the people are going to call to speak on the stage, the guy on the left or on the right? It’s so important to look the part. And I just wanted to show here, like, Ted, you were the only speaker who had a brand, every single detail that was so obvious, like people notice when you have a brand.

So the other thing I want to touch upon is how to look like the part not just about your brain, but the part. So I want to touch upon, you know, the the fabrics, the kind of fabric. So see this guy like more casual pants, the shirt that’s not ironed. And it’s kind of like the same guy, but wearing like a much more polished attire. Same thing with this woman. All the fabric is too casual.

There’s not enough structure. This is the exact same kind of outfit. But the polished version, because she has structure, the fabric is on point. It’s nice. So this is the I call it the the one hundred percent polyester dress, and I see so many women wearing this that it undermines their image. I want you to see the difference between this. OK, so you see how it’s thin fabric and doesn’t like it doesn’t sit like super well.

It has a cheap feel. So we can’t escape polyester, but if you want to go for polyester, you have to pay a little more. And it’s always possible to go for sales. I find I always shop on sale for my clients. I find amazing quality garments that are cheaper than when you can find at Macy’s. So that’s what a polyester dress would look like. More a thicker fabric, you know, like details here like that. It looks more expensive.

So I really just wanted to show images. And then finally I wanted to show this is like a with a unique personal style. Looks like like don’t try to look generic. Tried to like, you know, like with her white pumps, like when the tuxedo jacket like and you don’t need to wear a suit either. Like this is so cool and stylish. If that’s your brand, there’s so many ways to do it to represent who you are.

You’re your unique self basically. Oh, well, we can talk about this later. I’m going to stop the Cher. That was awesome. That was beautiful, like you said, a picture is worth a thousand words and in your case, a picture is worth a million dollars. So for someone who’s interested and will share, Jose has a free gift for all of my guests here today. So stay tuned at the end for that. But where does someone start, obviously, besides hiring you have any quick tips for our guests today who are really like, I don’t even know where to begin.

I’m hiring you. I’ll be it later than I would have liked guys, because I’ve been talking to her about this for months off like crazy. Right? And so and finally committing to just say in November. So stay tuned. I’ll be a new version of me very soon. But where does someone start? Oh, my gosh. Well, the first place to start is to really start asking yourself some questions, what kind of image do you want to represent?

Like come up with, like, three words that would describe the image that you want to represent and then go to an honest friend that knows you really well and ask even three friends would be ideal and ask those three friends what when you look at me on a daily basis, what image do you feel like I project? What are the three words you would use to describe? And so see, do these match with the image that you want to project and if they don’t, what is it that you can do to bring yourself up there?

And the other thing is, you know, start cleaning your closet, start closet and see what are the clothes that you have. Does this represent the image that I want to project? And if it doesn’t get rid of it, make space for newer and better things. That’s where I would start. I say it.

It’s a good time to do that, guys. I think I think everyone is because of this pandemic. I know for me, I’ve been become way more humble, open, vulnerable, transparent about certain situations that have gone through here. And I think a lot of times before this year, a lot of people feel like you have to put on a happy face or you have to have this side of perfect, whatever, whatever the best that we all buy into.

And the media hype and all of that kind of stuff creates the guys. You have friends, you have people in your life that it might be scary. And they put you in a vulnerable position, but if you ask for help, I remember one time I did something similar, a coach that I hired challenge me to say, let’s go to your top 20 friends or 10 whatever and say, what are my three greatest strengths and what are my three greatest weaknesses that you see me and I was terrified.

So that exercise that you’re giving these guys is brilliant because we don’t see ourselves the same way people see us. So.

And the reason I said ask an honest friend is because people love to give compliments because it makes them likeable. Right. So if you go out and you get oh, I got so many compliments on my skirt today or whatnot, like. That’s not what I’m talking about, because, as I said, people like to give compliments, you need to ask an honest friend like, really, honestly, what is it that they see in you? What what how would they describe you?

Because we don’t want to like, oh, you always look so cute. No, no. Want like an honest opinion.

So in other words, don’t ask your husband or your partner. Does this make me look fat? Don’t ask that because they are going to lie.

Guys, that is like, you know, that friend that is like this sometimes too honest. I just ask that friend. Well, and that’s an honest thing.

If you don’t feel like you have any friends like that, you need to find new friends. So this is a whole another level of a conversation, but that’s a brilliant thing. And then we have more time and it’s the change of seasons right now, depending on where you’re living and where you’re tuning in from. But I know we have Canadians here, even here in California. It’s chilly at night. So it’s it’s time. I was just doing that with my daughter’s clothes.

I’m like, oh, my gosh, I think we have to go get the some of the colder wardrobe out of the closet. And instead of spring cleaning, it can be full purging and harvesting and getting rid of and donating and going and finding those sales that you’re talking about. Do you have any quick tips on how to find those sales? Because a lot of people may be on a budget. Life is different than their normal. Do you have any tips on that?

Yes, I’m you guys that now. I think this is the best time in history to sales. And that’s because of covid, you know, like the stores have been hurting and now they’re trying to get rid of their inventory. That’s not been selling very well. And the sales are amazing. So you go go to your favorite store, for example. I like J.Crew, not necessarily because it’s my style, but they have great staples. They use natural fabrics.

I wouldn’t go into that. But it’s much better than than chemical or synthetics and then get on their newsletter and see like they’re going to send, like you all the updates on the sales coming up. And there’s always outlets. I shop at Nordstrom Rack, Saks off 5th Avenue, which is the outlet of Saks. OK, I don’t know if you’ve heard of that, but but even Saks Fifth Avenue, if you go on the right side, you know, like people get like, oh my God, those words are expensive or go take a look.

You’ll see the incredible sales that they have now is like such a good time to to shop for better quality, for much cheaper. And they don’t have to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Right. You’re seeing some pretty good deals.

Yeah. And and honestly, from experience, the Black Friday, it starts like almost now.

I know you don’t have to wait for that long. They might have like an extra deal on Black Friday, but some companies, they actually have less of a deal because they know people are going to come looking for a sale and they’re going to sell anyway. So I would look I would start looking now. Now is the time like this. If you watch this video now you’re in luck, go shop.

It’s awesome. I know you have way more information and value that we have time to share today. So I want you to talk about your free offer and any other kind of like how can they find you? Any other closing tips before we get to that final question for you today?

Yeah. So the free offer is that is kind of like an e-book. And I talk about how to dress for the camera, how how to look better on video and on Zoom’s. So in it will you’ll learn the best colors to use for the camera. You’ll learn important. That gets subtle wardrobe changes that you can make to look your best to stand out and to look like the expert on the call. And you’ll learn like, you know, wardrobe mistakes that you should not make when appearing on camera.

And I also talk about technical key information to ensure that you’re fully prepared and more confident when you appear on camera. So it’s a it’s a very comprehensive little e-book that’s all about like what’s the best way to wear? Basswood, anma. Awesome. I’ll make sure guys, that’s in the show notes. I’ll also comment and post it inside of my private Facebook community and I’ll probably I haven’t even told you this, José say, but if it’s OK with you, I’d like to put it on my racecourses pages because it’s evergreen, right?

It can be. People can get it any time.

Yeah. OK, so I’ll add it to if you want to go to loess dot com forward slash resources, I’ll make sure it’s there by early next week so that if you do in and you catch this later in the game, you can always still find access and stay there. I’m really curious, though, if you don’t mind if you could share one. You said technical. And I think I think some people are overwhelmed by this idea of being on camera technology.

Oh, and I got to get new clothes. What what’s the technical like? Is there a quick tip that you have for making yourself look better on camera technically?

Well, the main thing that will make you look better on camera is you have to go for colors. Colors look the best on camera. Black is the least favorite color. That’s not to say you can’t wear it, but it’s the one that looks the least appealing. And also it’s about the fit of your clothes. Like some people, they like to wear loose, baggy clothes that the camera does not like that you’re just going to look shapeless. Yeah, those are like the I would say the two most important ones.

But I go in more details, of course, in that. Awesome, but we wanted to leave you guys wanting more, so you have to go and grab her for free research for you guys. That is super amazing information. I can’t wait to work with you, José. And I always like to close with my closing question for every guest since I have. I put a lot of thought into the title of this podcast, and one day it just came.

And Health and Welfare Families has a lot of depth and meaning for me. And I always like to get my guests. When you hear that phrase, just a healthy, wealthy and wise, what does that mean for you?

I also love the title. It’s such a great title. Well, I feel like a healthy, wealthy and wise describes pretty much what I’m aiming for in my life. It’s like it’s kind of like a life, you know, goal, so to speak.

I mean, health, it’s everything you want to have health. You know, you can’t be as happy wealthy, like it’s our birthright as my business. I would say it is our birthright and we just have to claim it and bust through those limiting beliefs. And it’s just like it allows us to enjoy life to the fullest and to have experiences, experiences of life that to me are more fun than if you don’t have the money. Right. And then why as well with them.

I like to think of myself as a wise person and I love surrounding myself with wise people. I think they have a depth of a person like of what? How do you call it? They have a depth to them that I just really, really like and want in my life is to me like. The relationships are very important and the depth of relationship of friendships is so much more important than the quantity. So as I said, that describes everything I am for in life.

Awesome. Awesome. Well, there was much wisdom. We all have our own innate wisdom. And I always like to say we can all learn from one another and no one’s right or wrong. It’s it’s always good to get your take on that, especially since you’re here today for my community. I just want to thank you so much for being a part of my show today. I do encourage you guys, please, please join my healthy and wealthy families Facebook community.

That’s where Jose is at a very positive, supportive community and find her there. And of course, I’ll have her free. Gift and free resources like Jose’s gift today, I’m going to start building a massive, massive collection of these on my resources page at Loess coffee, dot com or slash resources, tents or just tune in next week. I do have for those of you who have been live guests, I am making a change in the time.

I’m going to be going two and a half hours earlier. So 10:00 a.m. Pacific, 12:00 Central Time moving forward. And next week we have Steve Rosenbaum, who’s he’s a master at prospecting and closing the deal and the follow up. He calls it fanatical follow up. So if you’re struggling in building your business and hope that, as we like to say, the fortune is always in the follow up, we’re going to want to tune in next week again at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, 12:00 p.m. Central.

And if you want to get the recordings sent to you, go ahead and sign up for my email at healthy and wealthy and wise dotcom. So until next time, guys, as we close it out, I always like to say here’s to your best health, your best well, and your best. Thank you again just for being here to have a great weekend.

Hey, guys, thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe, refer a friend and please drop me a rating or a review. If you do that, I’ll reward you with a free 20 minute free coaching session on crafting your journey to your best self. Reach out to me at Loess at Loess Coffee Dotcom to claim your 20 minute slot until next time the healthy, wealthy and wise.


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