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Your Pathway To Profits With Lead Magnets & Dana Hagstrom

Many people know about lead generation with lead magnets.

But how do you make it profitable?

What is the best way to keep people engaged AFTER they opt-in?

How does an online marketer make a real lasting income and money while they sleep?

We talk about that today and then some!

David and Dana Hagstrom are hired by second career, Christian coaches and affiliate marketers to help them build a profitable business online. To do this, David and Dana have designed and perfected Your Pathway to Profit, an all-inclusive, step-by-step process that alleviates overwhelm so you can build a profitable online business that will ultimately leave a legacy for your loved ones.

The Hagstroms retired from their respective careers as a pastor and paralegal and are now living the dream in Mexico. In addition to working one-on-one with their private coaching clients, and consistently delivering relevant content and value to their community, David and Dana are both published authors and speakers. They will show you how to thrive with ease while honoring God in your business.

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Your Pathway To Profits With Lead Magnets with Dana Hagstrom – powered by Happy Scribe

Are you living your best life as a salesperson or entrepreneur, or do you find you’re working all the time on this hamster wheel of life while stressed out and not financially free, which is the exact opposite of what you had signed up for, especially now in this global pandemic? If this is you, you are not alone. I found myself there in 2008 when I lost everything, including my health, and had to pivot. Working from home for the first time with no money.

I rebuilt my life from scratch, juggling motherhood and marriage to get my life back and be recession and pandemic proof today. Now we live laptop lifestyles with our kids and are poised to travel the world together. How did we do it? Join me as I share my health and wealth and wisdom secrets, tips, tools and expert interviews to equip you to be recession proof and live your best life. My name is Louis Coffee and this is healthy and wealthy and wise.

Well, welcome back, everyone. Happy Friday. It’s another episode of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. I am your host, Lois CofI, super excited and fired up for another amazing guest today. We did have our anniversary this week as well, and I know our guest was there. Thank you so much for your support, Dana. Thanks to everybody for your support. In fact, stay tuned. I have some surprises and free gifts to those of you who attended the live, and I’ll be following up with you guys.

So thanks again for celebrating as we kick off year two. I have an amazing guest today all the way from Mexico. And I just wanted to give a shout out and a few reminders to everyone. As you’re tuning in live, comment below hashtag live and tell us where you’re tuning in from. If you are on the replay, go ahead and comment below hashtag replay and also where you are tuning in. And if you see value in today’s episode, whether you’re on live or replay doesn’t matter.

Hit the share button, because we want to grow this community. We want to get more exposure to our amazing guests today and later after we go through probably about the first half. You guys always know the drill. If you’re here live, you can to ask our guest questions during our thirty minutes together. So I’m going to go ahead and introduce our amazing guest today. I met Dana earlier this year through, not surprisingly, online events. Right.

She’s the author of a devotional book series, four books so far called Devotions on the Go. She’s got more to come. She also calls herself I Love This because I’m a fan of this myself. Time whisperer. She helps people manufacture time and help people be more productive. Who here doesn’t like that? She also has four kids with her amazing husband, David, and those kids live in four different time zones. So as she jokes, they, of course, had to pick the amazing country of Mexico to live in.

Hopefully, I think balance balance that out. Is that right? So you can be easily reached or connected with that destination. Yeah.

Oh, I got it. So I’d love for you to introduce yourself and tell more about your amazing journey. And we’re going to be talking about lead magnets and generating leads. Another one of my passions. So I’m so happy to have you on our show today.

Well, thank you. Thank you so much, Lois, for for that introduction. You know, when when I hear about myself, you know, we never like to hear about ourselves, but when we do, I’m like, oh, wow, that’s me. That’s cool. You know, I want to get to know me. So. So thank you for that. Yeah. Mexico is is where we are living now. My husband and I, we retired here in 2016.

He was a pastor for 30 some years that I was a paralegal. So we have a lot of crossover skills and such. But when we woke up our first morning here in Mexico, realizing our whole life was in front of us, it’s kind of like a blank slate. What do you do? We decided, well, there’s got to be a lot of people out there like us who maybe want to retire early, maybe they’re not happy in their jobs, aren’t fulfilled.

No, they have more to offer. And what can we do for them? So we got busy and we learned how to to build an online marketing business and how to help others do the same and take it a step farther, be profitable. You know, a lot of people can make money in this space, but then they spend it so fast that their business isn’t profitable. So, you know, David brings a lot of strategy to our to our business.

And, you know, he can take somebody that’s stuck in overwhelm and figure out exactly why. And that’s kind of his super power where mine’s more on the time whisper side. Like you mentioned, you know, I love you when people say, oh, I don’t have time to get that done or I have time for that. I’m like, oh, yes, you do. You know, yes, you. And so that’s where my superpower can shine, I help people get dialed in on what they should be doing now, instead of worrying about what’s coming next week, worry about what you do now and that gives you so much more freedom.

I love that and I know you guys talk about in your free gift that you’re giving away later today, guys. You’re definitely going to want this because they offer up amazing solutions to generating 10 to 15 high quality leads every single day. And how do you how do you do that and why is that important? Right. So you can stop the feast or famine payday’s. Right. A lot of a lot of people out there, it’s not even maybe they’re spending more money than they make.

It’s just part of that is also they have more money at the end of money. And it’s because of this roller coaster income. Would you agree to that?

Exactly. Know, a lot of that comes with planning as well and not knowing what’s coming. But, you know, that’s a whole nother conversation for a whole nother day. But having the consistency of having leads coming in and leads that want what you have, not just people that are tire kickers, we, you know, went into that wheel for years and years, have lots of people wanted our free stuff, but they just weren’t going to take out their credit card.


Well, there is no place you can change change up what you’re doing to make that happen.

That is so awesome. I have to ask, I mean, what is your secret sauce or your, like, secret weapons? Any tips or golden nuggets that you can share with folks today who are struggling with their business and consistency to mostly generation and income?

Well, first of all, I think, you know, you have to have a good base. You you know, your foundation. You know, when David and I start working with people, we’ll walk them through an assessment just to figure out what they’ve done in their business already, what’s working, what’s not working. And after asking a couple of simple questions, we’ll be able to help you figure out what you’re missing, because I think the overwhelm that gets people is not knowing what they should be working on when or maybe they’re working on something, but it’s not the right time for it.

And, you know, you can be working on some strategy that’s great. That’s getting other people results. But if it’s not your time for that strategy because you haven’t built the foundation first or you haven’t done some of the preliminary work. That’s your that’s that wonderful strategy isn’t going to work for you yet, and so it’s. It’s all a matter of timing and working the process, and I think not enough marketers out there are teaching the process, they’re teaching nuggets, they’re teaching strategies.

But the process is what’s going to get you the results long term.

I love that. And I know you have. And I don’t know if I’m giving away too much here. You just keep me honest. I know you have something called the solution, which I believe is an acronym framework. Yes. And do you mind filling the curtain back a little bit and sharing a little bit more about that that process that you’re talking about?

I’d be happy to. You know, the solution framework that is that away that you’re going to get. So if this if this stuff is is speaking to you, then, you know, this falls at step five of our 12 step process, as a matter of fact. So, you know, some people might not be ready for this gift and other people may be on step eight or nine and think, well, step five, I don’t need that anymore.

But now all of the steps work together. But the solution framework, it’s an acronym because I’m one of those acronym junkies. I love them. They help me remember things. And, you know, I’ve got the plan formula for my time thing and the solution framework for our lead generation. And simply I’ll just run through that so you you can know what those are. But the solution to us is to solve one specific problem. So your lead magnet should be solving one specific problem and the O is one specific audience.

So you’re not going to serve everybody with that one lead magnet. But you’re looking at one particular one particular audience. The L is to listen for the objections. Now, this is something you’re going to do ahead of time so that in your lead magnet you can incorporate the overcoming of those objections so you can put language in there or help people to understand how this MagTech is going to help that. You just when those objections start coming into their mind, you ask for a unique name.

You want to have it be a catchy name that people are going to remember or, you know, be excited about. The T is time friendly. You don’t want to have it be a 500 page book, right? You want to have it be consumable, something they can consume in 15 minutes. The eye is incomplete. I’m not going to tell you what that is. You’ll have to get the solution framework to figure out what you mean by incomplete and oh, is to make one big promise.

You’re going to have some transformation by using this lead magnet and the N is next step. And again, I’ve got to leave some, you know, kind leave them wanting more. You got to leave the one where they’ve got to get your solution framework for making an amazing, amazing lead magnet. And I’m I’m sort of bouncing around a little bit here. I think that I love that acronym and I can’t wait to tackle that lead magnet on myself.

Why is it so important for people to have these magnets that that follow this framework? Like, if you could summarize it, because some people and I have different people that I talked to. I know a year ago I was like, oh, my gosh, leave magnets. What the heck is that? Because I was an offline face to face salesperson my whole adult life and even as a kid when we were selling door to door magazines and dishcloths and stuff.

So why is it so important to have a valuable lead magnet?

Well, in the online world, and that’s who we serve are online marketers. You need a way of exchanging value and a lead magnet is your value and their value is their email, their contact information. So you have to have your lead magnet be so irresistible or nobody’s going to give you what you want and that’s their contact information so that you can serve them and nurture them and do all of the things sell to them. So having that irresistible way of attracting them, you know, that magnet attracts it’s a freebie.

It’s it’s ethical. It’s you want to you don’t want it to be sleazy, but you want it to be so irresistible that they can’t live without it. It’s like a no brainer. And I know I’ve seen so many lead magnets out there that are dead ends, too. And so the solution will help you make sure that your lead magnet is not a dead end. And knowing what comes next after the lead magnet is also important and that that in art, you know, in our in our coaching, we help people.

Once you have your lead magnet, then how do you go find the people with it? You know, just having a beautiful lead magnet isn’t going to bring those 10 to 15 leads it right. But you need to know where to find them. You need to know how to use the different ways you can leverage that one lead magnet.

Awesome. No. One hundred percent. I know for me, that was my my thing is I see a lot of people and I know you can speak to this data. There’s a lot of people that have really pretty fancy landing pages with really great lead magnets. But yeah. How do you then take them? Part of your your title is Pathway to Profit. How do you make them profitable? So what are your golden nuggets or tips around finding the right person?

You know, it’s almost like dating, finding the right person. And then because I could be devil’s advocate like, oh, I see all these banks, but I don’t want all these emails. I don’t want to sign up for all this stuff. So you really have to get their attention. How how do you go about doing that?

You have to be so clear on who you’re serving and what they need. So that you can bring those solutions to them, it it comes down to, you know, just in life, if you know what somebody wants and can provide, you provide it. If you know you have something or you’ve learned something that somebody else needs to know, you share it. If you go to a great restaurant and have the most amazing meal, you don’t keep that to yourself.

You share it with the people that, you know, love that kind of food. So in business, it’s the same kind of thing. You want to be always kind of like the concierge. You’ve got a wealth of information and there’s a lot of people out there that need that. You’ve just got to show up and be consistent and do the things that will attract those people that need what you have to you.

Awesome. Awesome. So I’m curious, do you have a standard? So you have your option page and and your gift today. They’re going to experience your lead back and your follow up. Right. So right at it first. So, guys, you’re going to want to stick around and grab their link from the show notes as well. If you’re listening on this later, obviously, don’t forget and I’m going to be adding them to my resources page because I think that’s one of the biggest things as a sales coach, sales trainer, a lot of times in this new normal, people are maybe so ready to go out and do the networking thing and shake hands and exchange business cards.

And even if you do, how are you following up? So would you agree that the lead magnet gives you that open door, like you said, that exchange of information? They’ve given you permission. However, we both know the fortunes and the follow up. So I’m excited to learn from you today. How do you keep them engaged? Because I know a lot of people who say, oh, that looks like a magnet. Click here’s my email, and then they never even consume it.

And then you start emailing them saying, so let’s talk about that for a second. How do you keep them engaged and follow up?

Well, a lot of copywriting is important to have have compelling copywriting, but you should have an email series attached to your lead magnet. And that’s one of the next steps, is how to incorporate your email marketing into your business, but particularly into that lead magnet. So what we’ve done and what we encourage our students to do, you know, they have their lead magnet and then it attaches to some series in their autoresponder and that will continue to give them the lead magnet again and again in case they didn’t download it or they’ve misplaced it or whatever.

But it’s continuing to give them nuggets that that, you know, they’re already interested in what they they got. So what’s congruent with that? You’re always looking for what what else can you give them? Because if you’re bringing value, you know, people are going to see that. They’re going to recognize that and that’s going to be attractive. So if you can, the lead magnet is just a step one, but you’re going to continue to nurture on them, giving them more of what they want, like spoon feeding a baby.

You know, the first bite is like, well, I don’t know about that. You know, I you know, you have to kind of clean it off their face. Right. And then by the third time, they’re like, that’s good. And give me more, give me more, give me more. And so that’s what we’re trying to do with those follow up emails is to. To get them excited that when they see your name in their inbox, they’re like, oh yeah, I’m going to open that.

And that’s that’s what’s beautiful. When when that works like that, I don’t know how many lead magnets I’ve downloaded. And then I don’t ever hear from anybody again.

One hundred percent for sure. Yeah. I don’t know why they even do it. It’s it’s like really it’s kind of like when you go to a networking event back in the day. Right when we did that kind of stuff. And you ask for someone’s business card, but then you don’t follow up. Not with an email, not with a connection with us. I do want to remind our audience here, guys, especially if you’ve been struggling with your lead magnet and I know we’ve got some people on here.

So comment below with your questions. I know I have a question I can ask you another question. Is it possible to build to lead magnets and to which to nurture series? Right. Because you’ve got to keep them engaged, just like you said, spoon feeding them. Does it make sense to do to the magnets at one time or should someone just build one and focus on that for months and months perfected? Do you have any advice on that?

Awesome question. I love it. In fact, when we’re working with our folks and taking them through that pathway to profit, which is our process, we will have them make one lead magnet. We will have them Perfecta and they will learn exactly how to use it. Where do you use it, when to use it? Because when you get it done once right, then it’s just a rinse and repeat. You can do it again and again now while you’re working on the first one and and maximizing it and making it is, you know, is it working for you the best excuse me that it can you can be making all sorts of making a list of the ideas of the next ones you want.

But don’t don’t try to overcomplicate things by having more lead magnets than you need. Get one working well for you.

I was that was my guess. And I’m so glad you just validated something that that I’ve found because I started with a bang at the beginning of the pandemic. Never had one mind was a webinar. So I’d like to talk about different examples of whizbang. That’s next. And what you find is is maybe the like the creme de la creme, the caviar, Baghdad, if there is such a thing and then maybe give some other examples. But I started with a webinar as one, and then I bookmarked my I was doing testing of this podcasting thing.

I didn’t have a podcast when I started the pandemic. Right. And so I was doing Facebook, so I was actually using those as my anchors and I built my list from zero to two thousand people. And that was what I just I took a stab at it. Right. And I stayed laser beam focused for twelve weeks straight. And I’ve heard stories like Russell Bronson. He also used a webinar for nine months straight. He didn’t make money.

But then that webinar as a lead magnet turned into two billion dollars for him. And I don’t even know if he did. Indeed, he probably did, because he. Russell Brunson. Right. But being able to have multiple lead magnets, we already talked about that. But if you were to prioritize in your experience, what are the best examples of leave magnets that lead to profit?

That’s another great question. I, I get it. We’ll come back to your audience and what it is that, you know, you are serving, how you are showing up in your business. There are all kinds of different things. I think the webinar, anything video any more is becoming very, very popular. I think e-books are also good if they’re short. You know, e-books beyond five, ten pages are way too long. You know, people’s attention spans are are shrinking.

And we need to keep that in mind with our lead magnet’s. It needs to be just a bolt, just a bolt of a value. And sometimes webinars are long and they’re a little bit depending on how long they are, they they can have a lot of value in them. And that’s the one drawback of using like a webinar for elite magnet. But videos in general are great for for letting people see who you are and seeing how you train and seeing the kind of value that you bring.

So if people have the time to consume a video training video, that’s a very good sign as well. You know, there’s other things out there like checklists and anything PDF that you can download that like I’ve got a time management tool that people can download to help them with their, you know, prioritizing their income activities or income producing activities. So, you know, having. Those kind of things are very popular. What I love now, Cannava.

Have you been out to Canada lately? They’ve got all sorts of samples that you could convert so quickly into a lead magnet like cheat sheets or schedulers or infographics. You know, all of the things that it makes, creating lead magnets, just a breeze, a breeze.

I was going to ask you, is that the paid version or is it the free version that I have the paid version, but I think I believe with all the things they are giving you is still on the free.

OK. Wow, that’s amazing. Sweet. Well, thank you for that. That was a golden nugget. I hope you guys I hope you guys wrote that down because that I learned something that’s huge. We’ve got some guests out here. I just want to remind you, Janet, of course, Janet, I know she’s been working on her first lead magnets. So, Janet, if you have any questions from O’Fallon, Missouri, please drop them in.

Shawn, amazing coach from Stamey, Minnesota. You’re making me really glad I’m not there right now. Shawn. I was just in Minnesota, so thanks for that report. Bye, guys. We’re going to be wrapping up here. So we do have time for one question, but that Canada tip is, is money in the bank? I love that. And I think do you have like a recommended time frame for someone to test the marketplace? Obviously, that you said earlier, you got to find your target market guys.

So you got to be going after the right people that even want your it right again to have that that welcome email and follow up nurseries that spins them and gives them value. But when would someone say or how would they measure this lead magnet is great. This lead magnet is producing results. Does it take months, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days? What do you think?

I would say, you know, you don’t want to to throw it out early, you know, but at the same time, there’s ways you can be tweaking your language in AB testing and all of those things that, you know, we help people do with their lead magnets along the way. But I think by about the 90 day mark, you should have a pretty good idea, especially if you run it through some testing, you know, your first one, you know, then maybe test it 30 days later.

I know every 30 days you’re testing it to see, you know, you’re perfecting it. But I think 90 days is a good year.

I love that you’re speaking my language because I don’t know if you knew this about me. I’m I’m a 12 week your trainer, certified trainer. So if you’ve ever read that book, you know, you’re the you’re the time whisperer. I don’t call myself that, but I love how to suck the marrow out of the bones of the day and really be efficient and effective. As a mom. You’ve got to really honor our family, our marriages, our partners.

There’s a lot we’re we’re juggling. And that’s where lead magnets are meant to help you make money while you sleep, help you develop those 10 to 15 leads consistently. Right. So you can enjoy life. Right. Right.

Right. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Exactly. Exactly.

I don’t see any question. So I have to I want to ask you one more. What’s the best and fastest way to turn a lead magnet into money to monetize it, would you say? What are your tips on that?

I would say that on your thank you page, if you put a trip wire now, these are all, you know, higher level things that people are just getting started. They’re going to trip wire. What does she even need? But, you know, if you put a trip wire on your thank you page. That’s maybe five bucks, you know, something small, but it promises even more a deeper dove into what their lead magnet was. That’s the fastest way to earn money with your elite magnet.

Awesome, awesome, awesome dude, coach. Do you think it’s valuable to have it also because I’ve heard some copywriters say, oh, you shouldn’t sell and you’re you’re you’re welcome series. And I’m like, what? I mean, I’m thinking, would you invite them to get on a sales call with you or would you sell them an additional thing? And if they didn’t get the trip wire initially by the fourth or fifth email.

Yes. And once they get into your regular flow, they’re going to see that you’ve got all sorts of at least that’s how we do it. We get them into our regular flow. We’re always bringing value and also letting them know if you’re ready for this. There’s a great tool or a great tip. And if you need to know if you’re ready, then we invite them to a call and the folks will download this template, this solution framework. They’re going to see how we do our, you know, our landing page.

They’re going to see what our follow up looks like. And they’re also going to be invited to a call so they can find out where they are in their own business building process. And those are those are some of our favorite calls, is when we can give those people the aha moments of oh, my gosh, I thought I was here, but I missed some steps. That’s why it’s not working. It it’s it’s beautiful.

I love it. You’re awesome. We’ll tell them about your free gift and where they can find you.

OK, well, we’ve been talking a little bit throughout this whole broadcast about the solution frameworks. I’ve kind of been dropping those nuggets along the way, but it is simply a download that you can use to to apply to the leap magnet. You already have to to make them better. And if you haven’t made one before, this is the perfect template to get your creative juices flowing and keep your eyes open. If you if you get into our email list, we will be doing a challenge in September.

And that challenge is five days or actually seven. I put in some bonus days and at the end of that seven days, you will have your lead magnet. I will look at your lead magnet and help you make it better as part of that challenge. So be watching for September 9th. I think we’ll be kicking that off.

Awesome. I love it. I love it. It’s so amazing. I hope you guys can take advantage of that. The link is so long with a lot of characters and I found out this is a tip for you. Maybe, Dana, I found out that using Bitly actually can cause challenges. So I’m going to have that link in the show, notes in the YouTube or wherever you’re tuning into this. And then, of course, I’m going to drop it inside of this Facebook community here so you guys can grab it today.

And so if you haven’t already, these are just a couple of quick announcements before I close it out with my favorite question. If you haven’t already, guys, and you’re tuning into this, whether you catch it on I heart radio, iTunes Pod, being at YouTube, wherever you find us, make sure you’re inside of the healthy and wealthy on my Facebook group, because that’s where you’re going to meet Dana and all of the amazing, amazing guests.

And I invite you to check out my resources page at Louis CofI dot com for its resources so that you can find Dana and all of my amazing podcast guests. The best of the best made the cut just like Danas and is going to be found on this resources page at lower sakova dotcom. And last but certainly not least, I do invite you guys to join my five day last free challenge of the year for generating one hundred leads and five days through using my permission based methodologies to helping you start that that that lead generation to sales slow process mastery.

So as we close out here, I always ask my guests the same question to get your feedback on the title of this show, which is healthy and well families. It has a lot of meaning for me, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially. I’d love to hear what you think, what comes to mind or your heart when you hear the phrase healthy and healthy. And why is Dana?

Well, because I’ve known you for these months. It makes me think of you for no, for sure, but. It’s the whole package, it makes me realizes, you know, we are a whole package, we we want to be healthy, we strive to be wealthy, and certainly we pray to be wise so that. That is how I look at it, you know, those are that’s what we want for our lives.

So I love it. I love it. Thank you so much again. You did a great job of leaving them wanting more. So, guys, please click on her free lead magnet that the the solution framework for helping you generate those leads and better understanding how to build your pathway to profit with an amazing effective bang that that you can use over and over again and monetize your business. So you have five figures a month and beyond. So until next time, guys, next week we have Frank again.

He is a master at networking groups, both in person and online. And we’re going to be talking about his journey of decades of experience, of how to turn those networking conversations into profit and hopefully much social capital so that you can be healthy, wealthy and wise. We’ll see you guys next Friday. Goodbye for now.

Hey, guys, thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe, refer a friend and please drop me a rating or a review. If you do that, I’ll reward you with a free 20 minute free coaching session on crafting your journey to your best self. Reach out to me at Loess, at Loess, CofI Dotcom to claim your twenty minute slot until next time. Be healthy, wealthy and wise.


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