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Why I Lived A Lie For 7 Years

Why I Lived A Lie For 7 Years

Now you might be saying, “Wow, Lois, that sounds harsh or intense!”

And I would respond, “I am simply being honest!”

I woke up in 2021 making lots of money and feeling dead inside even amidst chasing my “dreams” and goals

It caused me to go on a journey within to face some demons and reality of my Higher Self (aka superconscious)  that I had abandoned 7 years prior.

My values and priorities had been out of whack and I chose to live a lie (even subconsciously) due to a structure that didn’t serve me trying to “keep up with others” goals and their truth versus my own.

And maybe, just maybe, I am not alone.

Just maybe you or someone you know also feels that pushing and BEING someone else’s structure or goals and dreams isn’t serving you/them.

And I believe this structure is not serving a LOT of people.

I believe you have ALL the answers inside of you to living and creating your best life.

And they lie deeper than your subconscious

You are not broken – you don’t need to be fixed!

(your Higher Self always knows what you really want and who you can be/do/have in life)

What if your life could be effortless?

What if you could create the life you wanted without working “hard”?

What if you didn’t need to make a lot of money and you could be happy with LESS?

Time and financial freedom might not be what you think it is supposed to be – your American dream doesn’t have to look like someone else’s!

Lots to consider and to ask oneself

Join me on this journey and learn about my FREE class on this tomorrow!!!

On how I shifted out of that lie and reunited with my Higher Self(aka superconscious) and it feels sooooooo good!

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