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Wealth Dynmax In The New Normal With Jerry Fetta

Today we talk about wealth creation in the new normal!

Coach Lois interviews Jerry Fetta today.

Jerry is a leader in building wealth. As the Founder and CEO of Wealth DynamX, a Wealth Creation Firm that helps clients build wealth, Jerry has a passion for providing financial education for families that causes them to build wealth and navigate their economic futures with certainty.

Jerry began his finance journey with a large national agency, got licensed and learned the basics there. Jerry decided to go off on his own and started his own firm that he built from the ground up. He got endorsed by Dave Ramsey in about 8 different territories for investing across the U.S. and was very successful at advising clients on mutual funds and retirement plans. Everything came to halt when Jerry’s mother passed away at 60-years-old and she never got to enjoy the benefits of her perfectly planned out financial retirement plan and he learned some information that he had never known about money that changed his viewpoint entirely. 

He gave that first business away to a colleague and restarted with nothing. He founded Wealth DynamX, a Wealth Creation Firm that helps clients across the U.S. build wealth. He grew Wealth DynamX to $600,000 in

revenue in their first 12 months and partnered with Grant Cardone as a former licensee. Since then, they have clients around the world, numerous employees and literally help change people’s lives with finances. Jerry

Fetta helps people un-confuse their money, so that they don’t lose their money and can use their money to build wealth NOW! 

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