Healthy N Wealthy N Wise

with Lois Koffi

Unlocking the subconscious mind for your health/wealth and wisdom with Connie Garcia-Knox

I have talked with you about Subconscious Mind roadblocks before and how it impacts your manifestation

Today we talk about how it impacts relationships with family/friends, especially in this new normal!

We are a product of our thoughts and our reality is proof of that!

Connie Garcia-Knox, Facilitator at Balanced You is our guest expert today.

Here is her bio:

My greatest accomplishments are my marriage of 32 years to the love of my life and raising two loving & independent kids.

I was born and raised in Mexico. There I worked in the Banking and Maquiladora industry as Assistant to the President. I moved to the USA and worked for Manor Corporation in Houston, Tx also as an Assistant to the President. I moved to San Diego and worked for the County of San Diego as a Bilingual Benefits Analyst Supervisor – I approved or denied welfare benefits in accordance with County, State, and Federal regulations. 

I received my BA in Psychology while homeschooling my kids, and I have been involved in the self-help world since 1986. I am also Certified by Michelle Downey Recovering Coaching; Life Services; and certified in all levels of Summit Transformation™. 

My mission: To help people worldwide succeed in all areas of their lives using the Summit Transformation™ process. 

After years of working in the corporate, business, and governmental sectors and a lot of souls searching due to my own depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and relationships problems, I decided to go all-in to the self-help world as this is what had brought so much peace, love, joy, and success in my life. I got my BA in Psychology and start helping business owners keep themselves; their partnerships; marriages, families, and businesses healthy, happy, and successful. I also work with people in recovery; young adults preparing for their mission or adjusting to life or college; and with parents to help them leave a legacy of love, joy, peace, and success with their children.

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