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Time is on your side – 2021 success relies on choice management from within

2020 has been an ass kicker for many.

And while I have had a LOT of success in my business and finances – I still realized that I need to be more efficient and do more with less!

Here I am sharing my free resources called the Daily Compass and Guide and Lead Generation/prospecting document that have helped me manifest more in less time (with less stress)

FOCUS is something that isn’t always easy and I find with me and my clients that if we don’t write things down and have a guide, we get lost or easily distracted.

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Time is on your side – 2021 success relies on choice management from within – powered by Happy Scribe

Are you living your best life as a salesperson or entrepreneur, or do you find you’re working all the time on this hamster wheel of life while stressed out and not financially free, which is the exact opposite of what you had signed up for, especially now in this global pandemic? If this is you, you are not alone. I found myself there in 2008 when I lost everything, including my health, and had to pivot. Working from home for the first time with no money.

I rebuilt my life from scratch, juggling motherhood and marriage to get my life back and be recession and pandemic proof today. Now we live laptop lifestyles with our kids and are poised to travel the world together. How did we do it? Join me as I share my health and wealth and wisdom secrets, tips, tools and expert interviews to equip you to be recession proof and live your best life. My name is Louis Coffey and this is healthy and wealthy and wise.

Well, all right. All right. All right. Hello, everyone. It’s Lois CofI with another episode of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. I’m super excited to be here today and do a live coaching session inside of my Facebook community. And if you are tuning in live, you get the opportunity to ask questions. So if there are questions, feel free to comment below and you can even comment below after the fact. So if you’re on the replay and you have a question, comment below, you can also text questions to my new text phone number.

This is my business line six one two seven nine nine eight seven nine one. And of course, what I’m going over today is near and dear to my heart. Some of you have been following me.

I’ve had a lot of success this year and a lot of challenges. And I think there’s a lot of people out there who can relate to that. And so today’s message, I’m calling it, if you didn’t see time is on your side. And I really believe that time and choice management, because there’s actually no such thing as time management, there’s only choice and energy management. So I’m a 12 regear certified trainer. If you haven’t read that book, I highly, highly, highly recommend you read it.

My passion as a sales trainer and coach is to empower and equip coaches, entrepreneurs and salespeople to create more sales. In less time. And I was actually able to pivot really quickly this year and very humble and grateful that I actually had my biggest income year and also at the same time recognized that I I could do more with less. I was starting to feel overwhelmed. My health was starting to get compromised from all of the layers of stress from this year.

And so I slowed down in November and my income didn’t go that much down, which was a beautiful thing. And I’ve really been a student this year of what worked for me. And what didn’t work for me? I started taking more time off, I actually now take Sundays off one hundred percent. There’s an occasional thing, if I have a commitment, I’ll I’ll do something on a Sunday, but I’m really, really clear on my time and my my boundaries.

I’ve been studying a lot about codependency recently. I’ve been working with my therapist. Just threw everything, all the loss that I’ve had this year, and I’m sure you guys have had a lot of loss, and sometimes when we go into that fear mode, as opposed to faith, belief, desire, all the things that you read about in the think and grow rich, it’s easy to fall into that scarcity mentality. And the first area that I have seen for myself and for my clients and maybe this resonates with you, maybe it doesn’t apply and that’s fantastic.

But when we go into scarcity, fear based thinking, we end up working more. And I know for me that compromises my health, compromises my family time, compromises my ability to be present and really stop and smell the roses or as I like to say, stop and smell the coffee. So I want to talk about my two key tools. But I’m offering up now publicly for free. Normally you had to be a coach and client of mine.

I’m actually as the time of this recording, I’m putting it together in a landing page. It’s not even available yet. But if you if you see value in what I share with you today, comment below. Or message me privately or email address, and I won’t you don’t have to wait until this episode goes into iTunes on Friday, by then my landing page will be created and my lead magnet, my my free offer, my PDF, all of the things that I now coach people on, how to create and how to do more with less, I will be having that available for.

You can just go to a website, you can download it and I’ll have a video. In fact, it’ll be this video and how to use it. So one of the tools that really helped me keep moving forward this year, no matter what was going on. Something called a daily compass and guide, it’s a it’s a PDF, it’s a document, you just print it out and you you can use it and you can watch this video over and over again.

You can start using it as early as today. Again, if you message me, I’ll I’ll email it to you sometime in the next twenty four hours. And there’s actually two documents that I’m giving away for free as a combined free gift. Because you really can’t have one without the other. So the second document is a sales prospecting sheet because as you know, you got to know your numbers. You got a track in order to grow and figure out also where you might be falling short.

I am teaching a class this weekend. I’m actually going to have those documents as a part of that class. It’s certainly not too late to sign up if you want to go to the lowest coffee dot com forward slash action. It’s Saturday, December 19th, and it’s all about putting twenty twenty one on paper and helping you increase your sales and less time. By doing less, having efficiency, and again, the best way to do that is by managing your choices.

And your energy, because we are only we can only do so much as humans, I know sometimes it doesn’t seem like that, right. But I’ve pushed my limits this year and even quite a bit in the past few years. And I realize, hey, I’m human. I got to chill out. I got a rest, I got to get sleep. I got to do self care. Right, so that I can be the highest and best version.

Of myself, and that’s what I want for you. So here’s the first document I’m going to show you how it works. And again, if you want it, you can all share the domain on where to get it by the weekend. But if you want it sooner, just let me know your email address. So here we go. This is the first document. It’s called Daily Compass and Guide. And, you know, it encompasses. Right.

You probably have one on your phone.

It’s there to give you direction in life. Are you going north? Are you going south? If you’ve ever seen the movie with Tom Hanks. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Now, I can’t remember the name of it, but he was on a deserted island and he had a compass. So we at least knew. And of course, you can look up in the sky and see the direction of the sun.

That’s a word that’s been around for centuries and thousands of years to help you be able to have direction, and you need that for your business and your time choices, right. So you are the determiner of how you spend your most non-renewable asset, because this this 15, 20 minutes that I’m talking with you, you can’t get it back. It’s it’s gone. Right now, you can you can leverage time by outsourcing to virtual assistants, you can duplicate yourself and have the sales force or coaches or whoever else you have as your support team.

To help you think smarter, work smarter versus working harder, right? So it’s so important, and I’ve said this quote a lot this month, Jim Brown said it best when you begin your day Loess, when it’s finished on paper, when it’s finished on paper. So that means you’ve got to write it out. And I prefer old school. I prefer hand writing. I have my daily compass right here on my clipboard for today. And it’s been proven that if you if you take 15 minutes, someone said the magical number is 14.

I don’t know.

I put on here take 20 minutes free from distraction, no phone, no Facebook, ideally away from family. If you’re in your home and everybody’s together right now because of the pandemic, you want to be free from distraction first thing in the morning because maybe that’s the quietest time. Or before you go to bed, maybe after the kids are sleeping, your spouse, significant other, maybe you’re single, it’s might be a little bit easier for you, but just clearing the clutter and being laser beam tunnel vision on what is it that you want to accomplish today?

And I also teach right down your mission, your values, if you have core values, if you have your vision, all of the things we’re going to do in my twenty, twenty one class this weekend, make sure you’re committing.

So getting this done. So based on your values, your mission and your vision, what are you committed to in that day? And it could be specific to it could be a sales, it could be a measurable thing. It could be even. You know what? Today I want to be focused on kindness and giving you whatever your core values and beliefs are that that fuel you. I did a coaching call yesterday about starting with why coming from the hard working from the heart inside out.

Maybe that’s a value for you. You want to make sure every time you have a sales conversation, for example, you want to start with why that could be something. It could be you want to spend more time with your kids that day, whatever is like your whatever’s on your heart for that day, it could be a big presentation. You want to deliver the best presentation of your life.

What are you committed to? And writing that down. And then that’s the big picture theme of the day, if you want to call it that. Then you focus, focus, focus, focus, focus on this easily distracted, shiny object squirrel, you’re always something’s coming at your right one in your time. I know it, you know it, we’ve all done it, and you really want to focus on only one or two things personally and wanted to do things professionally, that you hit a home run, knock it out of the park that day and you’re so committed.

I haven’t added this part, but I coach this mentality is you won’t go to bed until it’s finished.

So for me, my professional. I have a sales goal for my professional, how many sales I want. Shooting for three today, and on the second I’m finishing up this lead to what I’m delivering to you guys, I want to do the finishing touches. I’m creating this video that’s going to go along with it personally. You know, maybe you’re on a nutrition plan. Maybe you want to eat clean, or maybe you want to drink half your weight in ounces of water that day.

Maybe you want to meditate three times that day. Maybe you want to call an old friend. You haven’t talked to anything that’s non business related but important to you, that personal and professional. Sometimes the lines are blurry. I believe you might be doing really well professionally, but maybe personally you’re hurting. I went through that just the last six days I’ve been recognizing, oh my gosh, I got to work on myself because I’ve been starting to feel kind of kind of lackluster, a little bit dead inside.

I did a post about that. And I have no problem being transparent with you guys because this is a positive, supportive community. And my hope is that by shining that light to you, you have permission to recognize that in yourself. We’re all mirrors to each other. Right? So personal goals are important, even broke it down into mental, physical and spiritual. How are you going to feel your mind, your body or spirit or soul, however you want to look at that?

And make sure you are committed to that to me. I do believe in balance, I do believe it’s possible everyone has a different belief on that. There are different thoughts. And my value is to to never just walk myself to the bone so I can enjoy my family or I can’t be healthy. So for me, there is a bit of a work life balance to act. And I know that. I know that. I know from now decades of experience, both at the highest highs and the lowest lows, financially, mentally, physically, spiritually, I got to be as balanced as I can.

And if I focus on my mental, physical, spiritual health every day, it’ll be a good thing. Then you write down your whole day and now some of you might be like, well, why would I do that? I have a Google calendar, I have my phone calendar, or some of you may still be like me. I was old school paper planner calendar. I still have a paper planner, but there’s something about having it all on this one sheet and maybe you put it inside of your planner.

I don’t know, maybe your planner has this, but my tool is very, very specific to salespeople and entrepreneurs that want to live their best life. And not all planners do that. Even the 12 week your planner that I use, I love having this sheet in addition to so that I’m focused and I hand write it out and it’s easier to write a lot of times than planners and journals. So you write down your whole day and then you review and visualize it like just kind of like sit with it again, this is all done in 15 to 20 minutes.

Right. And then at the end of the day, this is separate. You reflect. Reflection is critical. Warren Buffett talks about Steve Jobs when he was alive, talked about it, all of the greatest greats talk about it. And I feel like a lot of people, especially with this year being so stressful, are on the hamster wheel and not really focused on reflection. So at the end of the day, ask yourself what worked, what didn’t, essentially, what was my favorite part of the day?

Celebrate that, cut yourself on the back, give yourself a high five or whatever the case may be. Right. And then ask yourself what didn’t.

What maybe you you ran out of time to do something, you spent too much time on Facebook, you you spent too much time on a few sales calls, that should have been shorter. You didn’t track your leads. You you didn’t commit or fulfill your personal goals. Maybe you you know, it’s not that you beat yourself up. This is just a logical take the emotion out of it question. You know what, I didn’t get everything done today and maybe I didn’t allow enough time for these certain things, that’s where the reflection component comes in.

And I carry this around with me all day, if I leave the house, my clipboard comes with me because I might get an idea and I want to write it down. So that’s just another tip, did I show up with greatness, was I kind that’s important to me also as I can to myself so I could be kind with others, right. And if there’s anything specific that got me off track, I want to acknowledge it. And say, you know what, I’m not going to do that thing tomorrow, maybe I’m going to spend less time on Facebook or maybe maybe I need a virtual assistant, maybe it helps you awaken to that fact that you can’t do it all yourself.

But if you ask questions, your brain will answer. And that’s how you also end your day and in fact, some people prefer to do this exercise at night before they go to bed because it’s fresh in their mind. What didn’t get done, what didn’t work. So now they pull out a new, fresh, clean, daily compass. Excuse me that they can fill out. And you can save these, save them and review them at the end of the 30 days.

So now I’m going to go ahead and stop share. I’m going to take a moment and see. I’ve got some people here. Yes. Castaway. Thank you. Sean, thanks for tuning in. So that was the movie with Tom Hanks. And those kinds of things are, you know, if you’re on a deserted island, that’s how important a compass is, right? To guide you, direct you, or if you’re lost in a big city.

Right. You’re always looking for directions. So we all need that guide in our lives and sometimes it’s a coach. I’m here for you guys. If you have questions, please reach out to me. I’m going to show the next actual document. And again, I’m going to coach more on this on on Saturday on the taking action class. So this is just an entry level and how to do this and how to use these. So the next document sharing my screen, I’m going to show you that goes really, really well with the Daily Compass and Guide.

Presuming that you have your own business, that you’re in sales, maybe you’re a coach. This is a great, great tool. It’s the prospecting document. If you don’t know your numbers, you can’t grow your numbers and if you don’t know, you can’t change. Know thyself. There’s a saying you could do just throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. And you’re just kind of juggling with your daily lead generation and prospecting. Some people call it prospecting.

Some people call each generation whatever floats your boat.

My goal is to always get better. Always learn, always grow. So after you’ve got your daily compass completed for the day. This is a sheet it’s a two page document. That goes with. The Daily Compas. And through that process. The goal is to track first to set some some smart goals, specific and measurable, attainable but risky, kind of throwing yourself out there and time bound. These are time bound by the day, the week and the month.

You can actually have just daily and weekly goals. You can edit this document if you if you wish. That’s that’s totally fine. But just wanting to let you know that this this is money right here. And some people have automation, I have software, too, that I can use, but I prefer to have it on paper so I can save it. You can scan it, you can. Most sales are a 30, 60, 90 day sales cycle.

And if your sales are down, you probably go back, look at the sheet and say, oh, yeah. My outbound phone calls, my emails, my adding to my email list for Down. So this is part of the coffee sales formula, I give it away for free. Granted, you may need some coaching on how to use it to a deeper level. And if you’re hearing this live or in iTunes later, I’m always happy. I give about five 20 minute discovery calls a month for free one time so you can do it the second month.

But if you if you want to schedule that with me, just shoot me an email to Loess at lowest CofI dot com and I’ll let you know if I if I haven’t hit the the five quota. So you have your sales goal, income goal, those can be different because you have gross sales and revenue and then you have the net, which is your take home. Income, depending on what you’re selling and if you work for yourself, all of those things, you can tweak that.

I suppose I even have email list editions because that’s what I teach this building, landing pages, email campaigns, monetization fortunes always in the follow up. And how do you do that? Having email is key for me.

And then how many calls we come in emails per week, how many webinars, if that applies to you, how much follow up are you going to do? Because you have the initial outreach and then you have the follow up. Right. And it takes roughly five to 12 touches before someone says, yes, I want to hire you or I want to buy your stuff just depending on a lot of variables. However, that’s pretty, pretty textbook five to 12 follow ups.

How many appointments did you have as goals? And then what are your sales goals for the week?

Then you’ll see here past clients and Sfeir new contacts lead follow up. I put 15. That doesn’t have to be your number. OK, don’t worry about that. But how many past clients are people in your sphere of influence are you reaching out to daily? I have my high five goal minimum. I want to reach out to five people. Even if they don’t answer, I leave a message, I might shoot a text and I might shoot a Facebook message.

I might leave a voice message on WhatsApp or Facebook or LinkedIn. New contacts, new blood is the lifeblood. You want to have a goal of how many new contacts per day I am four or five via Facebook and LinkedIn or referrals. So, in fact, I probably should add that on here, how many referrals per week do you want? That’s a great goal. Lead follow up again. The fortune is always in the follow up. And hopefully you have a good CRM, some kind of system in place for how many touches and how you’re following up with them.

Again, I coach on that in my courses. Not going to do that here. Then I do encourage, like minimum, your daily prospecting is done in one hour and it’s all outbound, you don’t engage unless it just happens. Maybe you reach out to someone on Facebook message, they get back to you. It depends on how good you are at multitasking. But the goal is to touch as many people as you can. New contacts, sphere of influence, past clients, even current clients asking for referrals or having some kind of referral incentive program.

And then your follow. So just check, check the ones that you left a message, Serpell, the ones that you called, and of course, then whoever you talk to, you’re going to probably want to take notes up here in the past, clients and your contacts or follow up, who was it and any kind of quick information. And you just do it on this sheet. You don’t do this and then go to your computer CRM. You just wait till you’re done with the outbound and then you can track it either after that like some admin time again.

Time choice, right. Admin time takes time. 30 minutes a day maybe. And of course, I have an information on here. I love this one, I am an appointment setting machine. I said at least one appointment every day. And that’s, again, how many days you use this could be Monday through Friday. Whatever the case may be, OK, if you track this, you’re going to get better results. It’s not it’s not even an option.

Then at the end of the day, you can track all of the numbers and see how did you do? And you can even track how long did you prospect how many attempts, some of this could be optional if you feel like it’s redundant and then, of course, taking notes on anything that you don’t want to forget. Maybe it’s a to do. It’s a it’s a certain follow up. It’s a certain conversation and something you want to add into your CRM.

But this is this is free to you guys. Free to you guys for me at lowest free enterprises. And so you have any questions, comment below. If you have Jacqui, I know I’m super excited, you yeah, you run your day or the day will run you, that’s for darn sure. And we will talk about that all morning on Saturday. So you’ll if you’ve already signed up for the class, you’re automatically by default. I’m emailing these documents out today, so you guys have time to study them and we’ll roll up our sleeves and we’ll work on them together.

On Saturday is as part of the plan for twenty twenty one. And making sure that you take ultimate focused action, not random action, not the ready fire aim kind of action. And I also have a workbook with you or for you as well, that that may not come until Friday though, because I want to make sure it’s done well with excellence. So you’ll have roughly twenty four hours to review that workbook. If you guys saw value in this, please hit the share button, share it with your Facebook community when it comes out and YouTube on iTunes.

Please leave a review, subscribe and download. If you haven’t already done so, you can find access to all of my past episodes on healthy and wealthy and wise dot com. We’ve got a great episode, live health focused, anti aging focused conversation on Friday. I know there’s a lot of health conscious people in here, over 50 percent of you, and asked, what do you want to learn about on my podcast actually talked about health. And here’s the kicker, guys.

If you use these tools that I shared with you today. You’re going to be healthier, you’re going to sleep better because your mind will be racing, thinking, oh yeah, what are the five thousand things I need to do today? You’ll not only sleep better, you’ll be more present because every hour will be accounted for. And granted, you can have because some people like structure. I don’t like structure. I’ve worked with all kinds of people.

Right. So guess what? You can intentionally plan a block of two to three or four hours where you don’t do anything, you just play.

That’s kind of what I’ve had to learn how to do with home schooling and all of the things.

Great. Linda, if you can shoot me, Linda, shoot me a private message on Facebook Messenger. That would be awesome. And then I will let me actually, because this will be life. I’ll share with you guys the landing page where you can get these documents in perpetuity, like for ever and ever and ever. It’s simply w-w that daily compass and guide dot com. It’s not there at the time of this live recording. It will be there by Friday at latest by Saturday.

So write down that domain, Linda, but also shoot me a private message, if you guys are super anxious and excited and if you again, if you are able to, you’ll also get it if you sign up for my planning class on Saturday. Again, just go to the lowest dot com forward slash action. It’s an Eventbrite forwarding link and invite your sales team, invite your friends who are struggling to invite your colleagues who are maybe struggling in their health or their wealth or their wisdom, because that’s what this podcast is all about and this community is all about.

So thanks, guys, for tuning in again until next time. Here’s to your best health, your best well and your best wisdom. Bye bye for now.

Hey, guys, thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe, refer a friend and please drop me a rating or a review. If you do that, I’ll reward you with a free 20 minute free coaching session on crafting your journey to your best self. Reach out to me at Loess at LoweII Cofee dot com to claim your twenty minute slot until next time. Be healthy, wealthy and wise.


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