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The Best Business Promotion You Never Have To Pay For

Promoting your business can be expensive and uncertain – like where do you even start if you are on a budget in this new normal?

This week we will learn the BEST way to promote yourself that is FREE! Coach Lois will interview Carol Kaemmerer. Carol is an internationally recognized personal branding expert, professional speaker and author of the award-winning book LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive. Prior to her personal branding and LinkedIn work, she was a marketing communications consultant for 20 years for a Fortune 500 medical device company. Today she shines her branding brilliance on C-suite executives and senior leaders so that they show up online as authentically as they do in person. In addition to working with corporate senior leadership teams so that they can attract and retain top talent, Carol also has a special heart for senior leaders who have lost their positions. She creates strong personal marketing collateral for them including their LinkedIn profile so that job loss at 50+ doesn’t force them into involuntary retirement. Because she believes that the world of work still needs the wisdom and experience of senior leaders, she equips them to compete and be found in today’s job search process. Carol is a member of the National Speakers Association, has served on the board of its Minnesota Chapter, and is Certified as a Virtual Presenter by eSpeakers. In 2019, her book, LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive received BookAuthority’s Best LinkedIn Books of All Time award. Roughly at the 20 minute mark we talk about how to market the top skills you have on Linked in AND the new Linked In app features. To buy Carol’s book, LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive on Amazon: Build With Lois is where I teach more about how to get people off of linked in and Facebook – tune in soon for my next pop up podcast focused on this. If you sign up at you will learn more about that as it comes

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Welcome to the Healthy and Wealthy and Wise podcast with global sales trainer and professional speaker Lois CofI each week, it is her goal to share inspiration and education for you to be to have the best health and wealth and wisdom for your life. Well, hello, everyone, and welcome back to another episode of Healthy and Wealthy and Wise was Lois Coffee, and I'm super excited to be kicking off a new month. We have some major influencers here, and I'm so excited to have one of my good friends from Minnesota, Carol Camera, with us today.

We're going to be talking about the best business promotion that you never have to pay for. And I know in this community of salespeople, entrepreneurs, everyone is working with a budget now these days with pandemic, and everyone's looking for new ways, new ideas to market with excellence and professionalism. So I really wanted to focus on that this month. So you're going to be hearing from some amazing people every Friday. And I'm really excited to introduce Carol. I'm Carol.

Gosh, I can't remember if it's been five, six, seven years. And we met through the chamber and she just became such a great mentor and friend. I was there at her book signing. We're going to be talking a little bit about her book today. And Carol is an internationally recognized expert on executive branding. She's a professional speaker. And her book that she authored is a best selling book called LinkedIn for the Savvy Executives. So spoiler alert, that's what we're going to be talking about today, is her expertise on LinkedIn.

And I hope you guys will see value if you're joining us live. You can go ahead and comment it hashtag live and please share this message. Even if you aren't watching this live, if you're watching the replay, you're catching this on iTunes or on my website after the fact. Please share this with those that are struggling with marketing and getting their name out there. So, Carol, I'm going to go ahead and turn over to you. I'd love for you to share with us your background.

And how did you become such an expert on LinkedIn?

OK, well, let me start with my why story, because it's it's so interesting. My why is that? I believe that people, regardless of their age, should be able to continue to work if they feel like they can continue to contribute to the world of work.

Now, the reason I say that is that in 2008, with the big downturn economically. I saw a lot of my executive friends lose their jobs. Now, that's not really unusual, but what was so surprising to me was these were really smart people. But nine years or nine months after they lost their job, they were saying sheepishly, well, I guess I'm retired. It was like they had no business being retired, they had so much to give and some of them were still trying to put their kids through college, but they couldn't get traction in the world of finding a new job.

And in 2011, when that same thing happened to me, I discovered why it was while we weren't looking. The world changed the way that we access jobs. It used to be that we would spend time on polishing up a resume and picking the perfect stationary color and the perfect font for our resume. And that was that was our big thing that we did. And then we sent it off one by one to people. Well, somewhere between, I don't know, but before 2008, the executive recruiters were no longer waiting on piles of resumes to stack up, they were finding people through LinkedIn digitally.

And so if you don't have a good presence on LinkedIn, the people that were sourcing for high level jobs. They just never found you. So my why is that people should be able to use this platform to make it possible for them to continue to be found for opportunities that are right for them. So, yeah, it it's really important to me and then the you, me, how did I become illington expert certainly is not what I went to graduate school to do, but what I had been doing for 20 years was marketing communications.

And I was known as someone who could take very complex concepts and make them easily accessible. Simple to understand, I was able to communicate in that way. And so with with a. Clientele of one and now a clientele of zero, then that was a problem because all my network was inside that company, I needed a network if I was ever going to work again. So I began to study LinkedIn and to understand how to make it work optimally, to put your brand out there, to cultivate new relationships, all of that.

And while I was learning, I was reaching out to my clients who also had lost their jobs, my former clients, because what happened was the company outsourced the whole Department of Marketing Communications.

And so, you know, I was I was just doing that because I.

That would be nice to do when they begin to send their friends, I realized I had a new area of subject matter expertise and I had also a new niche for carrying me forward in the next chapter of my own job, my own career. I love it, I love it, and I think so many can relate to that, because how many people at one point and I haven't looked at the recent stats because it can be kind of a downer or depressing to see how many people have been laid off this year.

Not not at all. Unlike you, I think at one point there was it was trending up 30, 40 million people, and they were saying at least 30 percent of those jobs would never come back again. So everybody's everybody's in a bind. Everybody's looking for their next opportunity. I remember my husband to it's a full time job looking for work.

But it is. It is, absolutely. But how do we help people? Can you share with us more on on how how you can work? And maybe that tailors into into your book as well.

OK, well, let's see. I work with C Suite executives who want to attract top talent to their business and senior leaders who want to increase their visibility and influence. And both of them want to steer their careers. And so I listen with with. Good listening ears to their story, and I interpret their story through my lens and feed it back in into their profile, and I help them to identify what their brand is. My my signature approach is to ask just three branding questions.

Know, when you try to get at Brand, you can ask fifty nine questions.

Really, nobody can remember that. So my three and anybody in your audience can use this is. What are the three things you want to be known for? What are your differentiators, what is different about you in the world of work and then what are your keywords? So if you wrote these things down. And really worked on what was the answer to each of those things, you would have a great blueprint for how to make your profile really sing.

So I use those things in the headline. The headline is that little squib of text that comes under your name and in the about section. The about section is about four paragraphs long. Now it's two thousand six hundred characters long where you can tell your business story from your perspective. And this is so powerful because we can. Our business story can be our own. I mean it is our own. And we don't have to just march along. These are these are the jobs I had we can talk about.

Our evolution and our pivot to the next thing or whatever your business story is, people who have gone back to school, they have a pivot story. You know, obviously they they were doing one thing and they realized that they needed some more skills to do what they really wanted to do. And they went to school and they pivoted. But when we identify three things that we want to be known for. People can remember that if we put the three things that we want to be known for in our headline and in our ABOUT section, and we make sure that the three top skills that are showing our skills inventory matched those three things we want to be known for that bring builds such a strong structure for our LinkedIn profile and we become memorable so that not one second.

I just want to remind you guys, I hope you guys are taking notes. She's she's dropping serious nuggets here. And I just wanted to reiterate that. So you guys don't just listen. You actually write this down. Sorry, Carol. Go ahead. Take over.

No, no, it's it's great. It's it's that one of the things in the headline, they've expanded the length of the headline. So now instead of one hundred twenty characters is two hundred and twenty. But I really want to caution people not to fill that up with. A whole bunch of stuff, because if we mention. Five or six things that we want to be known for, it's not twice as good, it's not even half as good as three things because people are wired to understand and remember three things.

So really important to be focused about what message we want to communicate through illington message, LinkedIn profile, and if we communicate that succinctly and over and over it, but in different ways, people go, oh yeah, she's the one who one, two, three. And that's what we want to create. So it can be very powerful. And in the gift that I have for for you today, that is emphasized. Awesome, yes, and guys, please stay tuned here.

Our goal is to go for 30 minutes, give or take, depending on if you guys have questions, those of you, that's the power of this live studio audience and part of being a part of my healthy and wealthy and wise Facebook community. You can ask questions. You can actually meet my guest speaker, Carol, as a part of that community as well and network with positive, like minded people. So you said step one is what are the three things you want to be known for if you don't mind going on to step two and step three and kind of giving a little bit of more nuggets, that would be so amazing.

Oh, well, very good. So in the headline section, I talked about three things, but you should first have some functional job title.

So we want to know where would we likely to be likely to find you? Is it in the marketing barrel? Is it in the operations barrel? Are you chief operating officer or are you an actress?

Whatever we need to have a place that we are likely to find you. And that's important because that's a key word. Marketing executive, whatever, we need a place and then you can talk about the three things you want to be known for, bringing value through customer focused.

Work attention to detail and the bottom line or whatever, just three little things, and that that will all fit in your two hundred and twenty characters.

And let me answer your question, because if someone says, like, for example, I want to be known for podcasting and sales, increasing your sales results, I have those in my and my title. So I'm really proud I you're your edifying or reinforcing rather what I've done hopefully. Right so far, but being able to have those in there, if someone searches in the in the search feature too on LinkedIn, they'll find me, right? Yes.

It depends on how many times you're using your keywords. And that's why in my three things that you want to be known for, I want or three things that you shouldn't they should be addressing with your brand as the building blocks. What are your keywords? Is is one of the things. So writing a list of your key words is helpful because then you can say, OK, for somebody who's doing what I. Am I doing or want to be doing these are key words people are expecting to find those people under.

So the way that someone gets found on LinkedIn search is based on the number of connections they have and also the number of times that they're using the keyword that is being entered into the search engine. So if you only used podcasts or once, would you be found under podcasts? Well, yes, you might be. Three thousand forty two. But if you use podcasts or a bunch, then you're likely to be found higher on the LinkedIn search. Got it.

Awesome, fantastic. Thank you so much for that cool and I know you're going to be giving away a free gift, but anything else about those those three questions that you ask people to help them with their branding on LinkedIn? Anything else that that really you feel like our viewers need to hear today?

So one of the things because LinkedIn is a search engine, it's really important that we write to the margins, so to speak, because when we when we use the correct account that we're given, like in the about section, we have two thousand six hundred characters. Now, when we use those to write about what we love about our job or what we love about our work or our career or our direction, we're actually going to be using our keywords and they're going to appear in context.

Just logically, naturally, which is wonderful because the bots are happy to read lists, but people not happy to read lists, people want to know what do you want to be known for?

So if you were to take we have four paragraphs you could talk about. The three things you want to be known for, one for each paragraph and your points of differentiation for the fourth, or you could be talking in chronological path. You know, I came up through this industry by doing every job, you know, from from stock boy to regional manager, whatever. It just has to be logical and to be read in a way that is is a story.

So we want to be writing in the first person. That's that's really key. And then I see the experience section. We need to know that there are two thousand characters for each job entry. So the reason that that's important is that it allows you to use your key words more often if you write or the skills section has some nuances that have changed over time. Now they show only three skills at the top, but you still can use all 50.

You can use 50 skills and that's the best practice. But you want to make sure that the three skills that are at the top are skills that you choose that go with the three things you want to be known for.

It used to be that skills that the order of the skills was determined by how many endorsements you got, and now you can have a totally new skill in slut's one, two and three.

Wow, when did that change? I wonder why that changed, you know? Yes, I do. The. When I was several years ago, they were asking every time you logged into to LinkedIn, would you like to endorse Loess for this business? Well, sometimes the skills that they recommended for you were not skills that were even on your list, they were skill that fit in that same constellation of skills you already had. And so sometimes you guessed wrong.

When I was working with my group and the Edina's chamber, someone who sold property and casualty insurance said, why do I have, you know, 14 endorsements for health care insurance? Nobody who sells property and casualty ever sells health care insurance. And I said, well, Lincoln guessed wrong about what skills were in the same constellation. And they just suggested to people that they endorse you for that and. You were casual enough to accept the endorsement. Oh, right, because you do have to accept them, right?

It's not it's not automatic. No. Now you get to accept them or decline. You know, people thought, oh, well, people think I got that that skill. Well, it wasn't that they thought all that deeply. The people that endorsed you for it, they were just going with it. So they stopped.

Prompting you for a couple of years now, I've seen prompts again for endorsements as like, oh, don't go back to bad old days, but at any rate, now we can really pick the the top three, which is a really big deal because.

It's like the three things you want to be known for, and when you see those skills, they should be the one to three top skills that you have. And so many people don't know that that's changed. So that is awesome. Yeah, there is one other thing that I think is just a neat new feature and it came up it was introduced like two, three months ago. And it is a little audio clip of you saying your name. So in order to get that, you need to be on the phone app.

And that's the only way that you can create this video or this audio recording of you saying your name. So if your name is Mark Love that you don't need to record that we can we can figure that out, but. You know, if your name is Carol Kemmerer, it is very helpful to so if you go to my profile and you click right by my name on the little speaker icon, you can hear me say my name. And I've recorded Carol Kemmerer.

And that's only on the phone app that you can actually do that. And then if we if I go to my phone app right now and look at your profile, I can push that on my phone. And can I also do that on the laptop or computer? Yes.

See, the only way you can get it to show up on your profile is to do it on the phone app. But once you've done it on the phone app, everyone else can access that little speaker icon and play it back from any device. So on your computer, on your tablet, on your phone.

That's my favorite thing that they've done this well, I'm sure you know so much and you're such an expert.

I do have a question of my own. And then and my good friend from Nebraska has a question. So it's OK with you. I had I took some notes of what you were talking about. You have your three things, right, that are your main three things you want to be known for. They're your keywords. You want to put in multiple places in your profile, and then you set about differentiating yourself from your competition. I know there's a lot of people out there who are really humble.

They don't they don't want to brag about themselves. Would you say that in this case on LinkedIn, you you kind of have to make this your brag book and show how you are different from your competition? Right. Well. You know, I hate to say yes, you should brag, but but you should be clear about what things are different. You know, many people have experience in one area and another and married together, those two areas make them a very strong whatever they are.

That's a point of differentiation.

If you if you were born in another country and, you know, multiple languages and now you are able to bring those languages to your new job. That's a point of differentiation, so it's not so much about I'm the best it is about what is it that really makes you different?

It's like you're unique value proposition or unique selling proposition. I with my client isn't perfect. Right. Same deal. Awesome, awesome. I know and had a great question, she says, Can it be useful to have a presence on LinkedIn for wellness, holistic or healing practitioners and kind of a segment of that or a subset is is it better for certain professionals than others or is it non-denominational? Everyone should be on LinkedIn. So first answer the wellness, holistic healing practitioners question, but I'd like to dig deeper on that.

OK, yes, I think that people are vetting people through their LinkedIn profile. You know, if you're looking to work with someone you want to see, what are they saying about themselves, this is the best business promotion you never have to pay for. This is where we get to talk about what we do.

And, you know, Facebook is kind of episodic. You know it. You're known by your posts and. That is, if there's not a real coherent place on Facebook that we get to learn about you as a professional, so it's not to say that you shouldn't have a Facebook presence, but that's why it's important to have a LinkedIn presence regardless of your area of practice.

I'm connected to a lot of people whose areas, you know, are holistic in some manner. So I do encounter them on LinkedIn and I think that. You might get better engagement on Facebook, but it's important to have this as a as a marketing document available for people. I would agree I wasn't using LinkedIn a ton, to be honest with you, because I did. That's how Carol knew me too. I came from a health and wellness and holistic space.

However, I recognize what I'm doing now. I was able to, like you said, the differentiating factor. I can be a sales trainer and a broadcaster who really cares about your health, not just your sales and your income. Right. And so I would encourage you and and anyone to use LinkedIn as your resume builder, as your way of showing that you're a true professional. And Facebook can always be another sandbox to plan for. Sure. Awesome.

Awesome. And I know you want to talk about your book a little bit here before we get too far to the end. If anybody else has any questions, if you're on the live, feel free. We can go a little bit over. But tell us more about your best selling book. And I know you actually have a second edition coming out here in the New Year. That's true. That's true. Well, let me tell you about LinkedIn for the savvy executive via a client story, so.

Lee came to me. He had a background of being a chief operating officer and also regional director of sales.

He had had several positions with those kinds of titles, and he was known.

As a go getter, as having infectious energy, passion, you know, entrepreneurial spirit, even though he's working in a corporation, he had a great reputation. But when he came to me, he was in trouble. He had always been able to lead a team successfully. But the new CEO in his company was.

You know, he didn't have a set direction, so Lee was having trouble leading his team to victory, so to speak, because victory kept wandering across the map and it was taking a real toll on his mental and physical health.

And so the the man that came to me. Was. Flat in his affect, he was able to say that people said that he was a go getter, Goodell and.

He was able to tell me of his accomplishments, but there was no passion and I'm looking for how am I going to make this guy look great?

He has good stuff, but. He's like a shell, he was depressed and finally I said to him, Lee, do you have any volunteer activities that are important in your life? Oh, my goodness, his eyes lit up and he smiled from here to there, and he told me about an international charity that he had created and how the people in his congregation were contributing to this international congregation. And he was the executive director of the congregation and he figured out how to set up this this charity in a foreign country.

And he just babbled on and on and oh, there's wow, there's the spark. So I put that spark not only in his volunteer section, which you have to read pretty far down to get to, but also write in his about section in his story. So who is this man? And I was able to, you know, put it as like the first thing that we talked about in the about section about a month after we finished our time together.

He called me and he said, you will never guess where I'm going to work on Monday. He said an executive recruiter had found him solely based on his LinkedIn profile. So based on the keywords that were used there and he was going to be the administrative pastor of a megachurch whose multiple pastors needed organization. What's the perfect job for them? He, um, he just, you know, he just came alive again. And so that's what my book, LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive is about.

It is about identifying what your brand is, communicating what your brand is. And being found for your ideal opportunities. So my current book is available on Amazon and and my second edition is in-process, I'm expecting it to be available for.

Sail through me before the end of the year, but sail on Amazon January 1st and I will.

Just so you know, I will post the link to the book in in the show notes in iTunes. I will come and put it on YouTube. All the places, all of the things. And I'll share with you guys after the show today as well. So you guys can grab grab her older edition, I guess we'll call it her first edition and then be able to connect with her also on LinkedIn so you guys can be able to ask for this free gift she referenced earlier.

It's called a step by step guide to creating your powerful LinkedIn profile. Do you want to say anything more about that free gift? And I'm also going to share your LinkedIn profile links so they can find you in there as well. Yes, the most important thing to know is to spell my name, because when you know how to spell Carol Kemmer, you can find my website. You can find me on LinkedIn, you can find it on YouTube, you can find me in all the places that I live.

So Carol is easy with no no E at the end. And then Kemmerer has twice as many letters as it needs.

M m e r e r.

So I'd be happy to receive your linked in connection request. And when you write to me, tell me that you saw Lois's podcast and that you would like my free gift and I'd be happy to send it to you. That's awesome, awesome, and there was one more question, I think if you're if you're OK with time, Carol, I have one more question for you and a couple of announcements to close it out. But someone's asked any suggestions to incorporate a few careers skills together that are not the same skill set into one story to promote yourself?

Yeah, OK. Well, that was the blending that I talked about.

So when when I pivoted the first time after after I lost my client where I was writing about implantable medical devices, my, my area was marketing communications. And then here's this whole new skill area, LinkedIn. Now how does that relate? So I worked on that for a while because it is hard to figure out, well, how do you talk about these two things? So I said. I tell business stories. And my business stories were about product, now they're about people, so either way, I'm writing business stories, so think about it that way.

That encompasses both of those things, because I. You don't want to leave any of your old skills absolutely behind. There are some things that you don't want to do again, but the experience that you had will always inform where you're going next. It not has it doesn't have to be in a straight line, but when we honor our past, we're able to move forward in the future.

I love it. I love it because there's so many people, including myself, Carol. You know me as a personal trainer. And I was also a realtor once in a past life. And because of motherhood and life and the recession, I had to pivot multiple times. I chose to pivot or life chose it for me. And I had to figure something new out. And I know I was always even finding the title for this podcast. I was like, what the heck am I going to call it?

And then I threw my passion into it. I threw my my past successes and quite honestly, failures. And it just whipped it up in one big melting pot of what is my passion today. And just that's how I came up with the title of this podcast, even though I'm not in health and fitness anymore because a part of my past and it's part of my passion that I bring forward. And someone said, so find where you have the most passion and put it in your profile.

And that, I think, is a great way to kind of finish this out today. Yes, very good.

Awesome. Well, thank you guys. Again, if you saw value in this, there's two things that I have as my closing request. You can go ahead and go to healthy, wealthy and wise dot com and actually subscribe there. I will be emailing out the post production of this episode and all of my episodes here in the coming week ahead. And you can also find, Carol, inside of our healthy and wealthy and wise Facebook community, which I also will put in the show notes.

And I do have one closing question for you, Carol, that that I asked all of my guests. And so when you hear the phrase healthy, wealthy and wise, what does that mean to you? OK, I think healthy means honoring my body by getting adequate sleep and good nutrition and movement every day and wealthy has to do with the spirit of generosity. We all have enough for ourselves, what can we do to make our world a better place and wise to me means living with gratitude.

Oh, that's awesome. And and it's really cool because as long as I've known you, you live all of that. So you're such a good friend. I'm so grateful for you guys to have met Carol today, please reach out to her, connect with her again on LinkedIn and ask for her free gift. I'll share her information in the show notes as well for posterity. And just a couple of quick announcements for my community here in October. We have guests every single Friday.

All of them are authors, speakers and experts in different arenas that are going to help you be healthier and wealthier and wiser. And also, I am actually kind of to the theme of today. I'm actually having another pop up podcast this month, and it's going to be about how to generate those connections from Facebook and LinkedIn and take them off, put them into your email us your tribe, your own fan base, if you will, and then, of course, how to build those relationships, nurture, get referrals and monetize that list.

I'll also put the information to that here in the show notes. So, again, thank you guys so much for spending time with us today. Until next time, here's to your best health, your best health and your best wisdom. Bye bye for now.

Hey, guys, thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe, refer a friend and please drop me a rating or review. If you do that, I'll reward you with a free 20 minute free coaching session on crafting your journey to your best self. Reach out to me at Loess at Loess Coffee Dotcom to claim your 20 minute slot until next time the healthy, wealthy and wise.

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