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Sacred Union Partnerships – Healing the masculine and feminine within

For the past 3 years, Magdalena and Emmanuel have gone through a LOT in their marriage

4 years ago, they were not even sure why they were together

As we continue to go through deep states of healing as a collective, this is happening for many couples

With the divorce rate on the rise, we have found we are being encouraged now more than ever to rapidly clear our past life karma, ancestral karma and core wounds so that we bring more Divine Light, Flow, Balance, Healing and Manifestation into our body and reality.

We are being pushed into MASTERSHIP, to master our emotions, master our healing, master our connection to our body and to become more open and receptive to the changes that are happening right now

It is our closest relationships that are definitely challenging us the MOST – bringing up more of our shadows and clearing our karmas.

Our closest partners/spouses are usually (not always) the main ones triggering and helping bring up these emotions/feelings/triggers to help support our clearing journey

And it is NOT easy

Emmanuel and Magdalena know a LOT about what was the root cause of their marital issues and disconnection for many years
 and have spent the last 3 years working intently on this – not knowing at times if they were going to make it

This is what was discovered through ancestral healing, past life healing and a lot of deep shadow work


Most of it was an imbalance in their masculine and feminine internal balance (or lack thereof)


We are modeled the feminine by our mothers and the masculine by our fathers and then there is the whole childhood journey of trauma/grief, etc., that compound those energies or bring them out of balance


It is our karmic journey – there is nothing right or wrong about this


It is what it is and we are here to share how you can heal that (often ancestral root causes) and be in harmony


TUNE IN TODAY to learn more of what they learned and now teach, working with 12 couples this year as their goal for deepest healing and not only saving marriages/couples, also helping them THRIVE in health, wealth, sex and more


To learn more, go to their website:


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