Nurture your health and wealth with coaching from successful leaders across the globe.

Weekly wisdom from industry experts that help you reach your goals

The Healthy N Wealthy N Wise podcast empowers you to hone your Sales Champion Mindset.

Every week, I interview industry leaders and wellness experts to dive into topics such as:

  • Cultivating wellness from the inside out
  • Manifesting wealth creation

  • Networking in the new normal

  • Mastering virtually selling

  • Connecting with your spirituality

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What Clients are Saying about Lois Koffi:

The podcasts were very interesting – I loved the variety of guests and content that you shared. The timing of each podcast at 20-25 minutes was just perfect especially because Lois’s voice is very upbeat and has momentum that keeps you hooked, and always wanting more!

P.S. – I’m loving the List Building podcasts too!

Shveta Kukreja

Project Management Consultant, New Era Consulting

I recently discovered Lois Koffi and her Podcasts. I’m hooked! I have watched several interviews now and with each one I’ve been drawn into the unique message of each quest on the show. I love Lois’ style and the angles she emphasizes. What I enjoy most is Lois’ raw style. Its not flashy or full of filler info. Her interviews and her solo podcasts are full of key information and a clear view on the point she and the guest have come to bring. I’ve learned a lot already about running an online business and about staying focused on taking action now rather than waiting to create perfection. Thank you, Lois!

Cathy Derksen

Inspired Tenacity

I first worked with Coach Lois on my sales, which she helped me triple in my first 60 days of working with her!

But then I went deeper into her 66 day magnetic mind small group program and was blown away by what happened in my life next!

I’ve suffered from chronic migraines for over 20 years.
An ongoing prescription has made life bearable.  As I studied more about the connection between the mind and the body, I knew that there had to be a missing piece that I wasn’t zoning in on.
I did some general work on it from time to time and reduced the frequency to about one or two headaches a month. 
This was huge progress that I felt I could live with.
Because I had my prescription, I could just pop a pill, maybe an Excedrin or two, and feel better in an hour.
It wasn’t until I started doing the daily meditations in Lois‘s Superconscious Creation Magnetic Mind program that I really decided to make that one of my true choice items.
The daily work made a difference and brought to light that it was the pressure I was putting on myself that was the missing link causing the migraine.
Since then, I practice going within EVERY DAY! 
I haven’t had a migraine since July 24, 2022!
Janet Wells

Advanced Mindset Facilitator, Balanced You™

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How does the masculine wound hurt us?

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Inner Child Healing Masterclass Sneak Preview

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