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Part 2 | Lois Koffi Interviews Travis Sims and Amy Kaiser

Eric Beels is an expert in video production & podcasting, and passionate about building simple workflows for his clients. He’s also my audio guru that edits and manages my podcast! You can check out his website here:

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Eric Lofholm has coached thousands on sales and scripts.  He worked with Tony Robbins as his mentor and has gone on to become the Zig Ziglar of his time. He is one of Lois’ mentors.

Here is his two free gifts: 

Here is the link to request for Eric’s book The System

To meet both Erics you can also join my podcast community

Travis Sims – networking guru and best selling author on how to Network In The New Normal – 

Free gift is his two year anniversary of Accelerated Global Connections on Wed Feb 3rd 

Amy Kaiser – Soul Healing Massage Healer and Women’s Pelvic Wellness Health expert – Free gift is a 20 minute discovery call for your energy health & healing – 

Jenny Harkleroad has transformed many minds thru their subconscious including helping Coach Lois take her business and marriage to the next level.  You deserve this transformation for you in 2021!  Receive one free month in my Transformation Group – 

Brian Kelly has years of experience automating online systems to create leverage and freedom. He is the owner of  Carpet Bomb Marketing – Automation Expert – Free Gift is Brian’s automation list: 

Jamie Atkinson Podcast coach has helped Lois monetize her podcast!  

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Teresa Jessen is a network marketing coach her helps her clients shine online with authentic relationship building through LinkedIn Check out her free day planner to help you FOCUS on your work day and lead generation – 

Amy Theisen is a Chinese Metaphysical Coach & Destiny Analysis guru – she has helped Coach Lois with health and wealth and ancient scientifically based wisdom through her monthly calendars and charts that guide her in key decisions in lift.    

Here is Amy’s gift to help you better understand this new year of the Metal Ox ahead in 2021 

Knowledge is power!  There is way more going on than you know! 

Robert Meyer is one of my affiliate income mentors who helped me go from $0/month in affiliate income to 5 figures a month in affiliate income in 2020 (in less than 4 months time!)  I had a goal of making $100 per day in affiliate income and actually blew that out of the water with his help.   He is a man of many streams of income and has a huge heart! 

Connect for a free session with Robert at this link 

Marnie See has been a massage therapist for decades and has helped many find pain relief and physical health.   She however has pivoted well after overcoming her own mental health journey of years on anti-depressants and was able to get off of pharmaceuticals, living a life of ultimate and natural joy. 

Reach out to her for your own free mental health consultation and support session with Marnie 

Bhakti Ishaya has helped hundreds of people, including Coach Lois, find more inner peace and outer abundance – and he can help you too.  For the Free 30 minute session reach out to Bhakti to see if Ascension meditation is for you!    Email him at 

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