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Mission Driven Mentors VS Money Driven Marketers With TR Garland

Have you ever felt “taken” by a marketing and money driven salesperson?

Anyone relate to feeling like you just got “sold” or “duped”?

And go no results to show for it other than no sales, no money, no increase?

Today we will talk about just that and how to find your MISSION DRIVEN MENTORS who are here to SERVE you.

TR Garland is often considered one of the world’s leading Mission-Driven Mentors for Purpose-Driven Professionals.

His company, Change Makers Worldwide, makes a concrete commitment to their clients to show them the

step-by-step strategies (that others before them have already successfully followed) to build their own Purpose-Driven Platform that is:

– Guided by Purpose

– Powered by Passion

– Produces Predictable Profits

…and will leave a legacy and live on long after they’re gone.

His company does this by standing by their side (and holding their hand when necessary) to help them carefully craft their very own customized Ripple of Impact Plan. 

This plan guarantees their clients the freedom to “Live Life on Their Terms” and “Leave Life with no Regrets”.


His company does this because our clients deeply desire & deserve to show up as the “Highest & Best Version” of themselves – – for themselves, for their loved ones, and for the greater good of all humanity.

As a community member of mine, TR has given his personal email address for you to reach out and receive a free gift from him.

Reach TR at and in the subject line say “LOIS SENT ME”

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