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List Build With Lois Version 2.0 For Facebook & Linkedin

I am back and better than ever with version 2.0 of my List Build With Lois series.

Countless people were sooo blown away by the List-Build Series hosted in September that I decided to host another one – with even more delicious content! I got a LOT of feedback and even more questions specific to Facebook and LinkedIn. The #1 question was: How do you organically build relationships on these social platforms AND give value to get prospects onto your landing pages and into your funnel/email list database?So… I decided to host a 2.0 version to give you all the answers I have for that and tell you what has monetized well. (Like how she made $8K last month using these things I will teach you!)

If you are like most people, this pandemic has taught you quite a bit about yourself and your business. I know for me, it has helped open my mind and self reflect on some of the negative blocks that had been holding me back. I used to be really negative about this one thing… building my list! For years, my mentors and coaches have told me to build a HUGE list, for that would be my goldmine. I always had a list and a good CRM tool… but I never had or believed in creating email campaigns or growing my list exponentially. I had treated email marketing and email campaigns as SPAM – as JUNK… even when my mentors would say they made $10K from one email campaign. Ha, go figure – slow learner here! Now I do believe though… because I shifted my MINDSET. And because of that shift, I made $35K over a two-day period with two separate email campaigns. WOW. Mind blown. Not too shabby. If you want to learn how I did it it, join my upcoming $9 course that I am launching on October 14th.I will be sharing all of my secrets and foundational principles with you. Build your list by 100-1000+ by attending this training with me!

SIGN UP at if you say YES, I want to grow my list by 100-1000 in 3 days! 

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