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Lead Generation & Sales Mastery Trailer

How is your lead generation in this new normal?

Or does any of this sound familiar?

Bought a program online to close more sales online

Sending Facebook messages

Sending LinkedIn messages

Buying landing pages and email campaign software

Posting on social media Jumping into clubhouse without a plan

Spending hours every week online

Adding a bunch of people from social every day

Sending cold emails AND FEELING LIKE YOU ARE GOING NOWHERE? I spent 3 months building something that never really launched…..

I spent a ton of time doing webinars week after week – for 90 days straight….

spent $3000/month in funnels/copywriting/coaching/Infusionsoft/ClickFunnels and so much more Made NO money from March-June – took so much time/energy and my husband even was out of work by summer…..

I had a lot of internal fears and pressure…..and going thru a lot of loss and grief at the same time….

Yet, It was do or die time

And this 5 day course I will share my four step proven formula and how I went from zero to hero, making 5 figures a month in less than 4 months time with permission based selling and marketing efforts online that were FUN and EASY and duplicatable

I am so excited you are here to be a part of history by witnessing the filming of my next level Lead Generation & Sales Mastery 5-hour course. NOTES TO REMEMBER

1.  It is one hour released audio/video podcast episode every day starting Monday, February 15th.

2.  It is a consume as you go course – there is no required time to show up or “LIVE” webinar.

3.  There will be open Q & A LIVE coaching inside of my Healthy N Wealthy N Wise podcast community to answer questions and get FREE coaching along the way! Email me for those times if you missed them at

4.   There will be an option to purchase it at the end if you loved the training – otherwise it is FREE for just one week.

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