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How to monetize an email list in 30 days to $1K

How does one increase income in this digital world?

Where does one begin?

I teach (and found for myself in last 8 months) that list building is key.

But then what? You have a list so now what?

In this 13 minute video I talk about how to monetize that list – and create $1K income in 30 days.

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How to monetize an email list in 30 days to $1K! – powered by Happy Scribe

Hey, guys, Lois here, I’m doing a special episode for my pop up podcast that’s this week, and I’m giving you kind of a sneak peek of of some deeper dive tips on what is going to be covered. There’s so much that I have learned in these past six to nine months. It’s just this crazy. And I wanted to be able to give you a sneak peek. This is a bonus episode for my list filled with Lois Dotcom pop a podcast.

So if you if you want to sign up so you can get more of that good stuff. Please go to the list filled with Lois Dotcom. But right now, what I want to do is leave the topic. If you didn’t see the title is how does one make just one thousand dollars with an email list in 30 days? Actually typing frantically here. You can hear that. How does one make one thousand dollars in 30 days with an email list?

And I actually did better than that, but I want to set realistic expectations and I’m going to show you I’m going to break it down on how this is possible. Now, I’ve done it in a variety of ways and I’ve tested, I’ve tweaked, I’ve learned from my mistakes. And I’m sharing with you the best of the best that I’ve learned. And keep in mind, I am I am super humble and saying I am not the expert. I am not the guru on email marketing or monetization.

However, I feel like I can relate to a lot of you guys out there because I’m only maybe six to eight months into this new thing called online digital marketing and email campaigns and tripwires and lead magnets and funnels and all of the things. Right. So I’m giving you hope that if you’re not there yet and if your income has been negatively been impacted by. Thanks, Jenny. If your income has been negatively impacted by this pandemic in this new world that we live in right now, I want to bring you hope.

So the question of the Day is, how does one make a thousand dollars in 30 days? First of all, and I did it yesterday inside of my my healthy, wealthy and wise Facebook community on just how to build a list. And that’s on my list. Of course, we’ll talk about as well going inside the mind set the five W and of course, how to have these email sort of responder’s and CRM tools and how to manage your time, all of the things.

And really it’s about creating freedom. It’s about creating and giving value. Remember, that was number one, but that is what is next. What are the technical next steps. So I’m going to go ahead and share my screen with you guys so you guys can see what I have to share. I’m going to share my entire screen. Bear with me one second. Here we go. So this is the slide that I wanted to share with you guys today.

And it’s going to be a part of my papa podcast PowerPoint presentation. That’s a part of the program. But basically, you’re creating your tribe.

You’re creating your posse, you’re following if you’ve ever read the book, Tribes by Seth Godin, it’s just these people who are looking for leadership. I believe each and every one of us, every one of you has a leader within. We all have our strengths. We all have our our special passions are gifts, our abilities that set us apart. You are unique, right? You are special. You, I believe, are talented. And ultimately, somewhere along the way, probably maybe life happened, divorce, just trauma from childhood, all of the things right, they take us away from our genius and we lose sight of our our best unique gifts and talents.

Right. So I talked a lot about that in my course as well about you have tremendous, tremendous value. And there’s no reason why you can’t profit from that, no matter what your business. I don’t care if you sell soap, I don’t care if you sell toilets. I mean, in this day and age, you’ve got to be digital and there’s no reason why you can’t have a following. People are looking for leaders and leadership. They’re looking for inspiration.

They’re they’re looking for who can they get a spot in your blanket for it? Right. This quote right here on if you can’t see it, it says, if you want to know who your tribe is, speak your truth, then see who sticks around. Those are the people who get a spot in your blanket fort. I love that saying. And it’s true. You know, you don’t have to have five thousand friends on Facebook, right?

All you need is a tribe of a thousand. And over a lifetime you can become a millionaire. Right, and if if you’re wanting to create extra income before the end of the year, before the holidays are coming, if you want to end 20, 20 on a strong positive note, then here’s some tips for you on how to create a thousand dollars through your email tribe, also known as your list. And let’s build with Lois first. You need a landing page.

I’m not talking about an expensive website, guys. I’m talking about a simple landing page. Some people call them squeeze pages. It’s a digital business representation, a digital business card about you, your class. You’re offering your book, your podcast. Doesn’t have to be fancy and certainly doesn’t have to cost a lot of money at all. I get my landing pages for free, actually, because I’ve got a really cool platform.

But they can be cheap. OK. Once you have a landing page, you want to have a free something known as a lead magnet. So these are kind of like your tips of what you need. You need a lead magnet. Something could be like an ebook, could be a PowerPoint presentation, could be a live or evergreen webinar that you created one time. And it’s there forever. It could be a YouTube video. It could be a blog post.

It could be a podcast episode. Something that gives value of what you represent. And just a little tiny bit, it doesn’t have to be a book full, full, anything, it’s just got to be something of value that people want and or need right now. It could even be an inspirational book. It could be an inspirational book, a chapter from your bigger book, whatever you feel like giving away for free, that gives value that represents you and is targeting possibly your dream customer.

So you have that free lead magnet and underneath that it says, give me your contact information to receive this free lead magnet, then you are getting into building a list, right? That’s that’s it. That’s how simple it is. They say, I want this. Here’s my email in exchange for that, because you got an email, you got to email them the free gift. I actually teach people in my course on the beginnings of how to write out and have those first five welcome emails.

And even before you know what all those emails are, I’ll just tell you what one of them, as I teach an E IO marketing methodology in those first five emails, each of those letters stands for an acronym. And the oh, the fifth email, the O stands for Ofer. And you want to have a tiny offer at 10 bucks, 10 bucks. I mean, that’s a trip to Subway. That could be a trip to Starbucks. It could be.

I mean, most people have ten dollars on their possession. Remember, you just want them to get to spend a little bit of money with you. Right. So you have that tiny offer that is a follow up offer to the free. So it could even be your lead bag. That was one chapter of your book. And by the oh of the five email welcome series, that’s e e i o five woke of emails. I teach you you need more than that, but you want to at least have five.

And by the fifth one you’re selling something for ten bucks. So you build that out, you give them something of value that they want to spend ten dollars on. And ultimately, the fortune is now in the follow up. So I’m going to teach you that in this let’s build course again, this is just a bonus free episode as part of the series. And as you follow up, as you welcome people in through your E I o and you keep building and keep building and keep building.

I recommend you shoot for a thousand people in 30 days. That’s my recommendation. Now some people are like, whoa, that’s a lot of work. Not really. I’ll teach you how you can do that in the course of the next three days. However, that being said, even if you had two hundred people in your email list. Right. The goal is to make one hundred sales with that ten dollar offer in the next 30 days. One hundred times ten is a thousand bucks cash money that you just made because you gave value, you gave value, you gave value.

And there’s nothing wrong, especially if you gave value for four emails by number five, you’re actually selling to them. That’s what I’ve learned. And it’s great to receive inbox money. When I open up my email because someone bought something from my fifth email. So you could even have a tinier offer, you could have seven bucks, you could have five bucks, you could do 15, you could do if you do 20 dollars, then it’s only 50 sales to get to that.

What if you did that every month and you had a thousand dollars? Almost predictable. One hundred percent predictable, let’s be honest, but almost predictable every month because you kept filling your funnel, you kept building your tribe, you kept creating value. And before you know it, that income could be four figures to five figures a month. And of course, we know over the lifetime an email list of a thousand or more over a lifetime can make you a million dollars.

So if you did a thousand dollars a month, that’s 12 grand and a year. And if you keep building one year from today, one year from today, there’s no reason you couldn’t be at five to ten thousand dollars a month. And you keep in mind, this is only the beginning. You have other offers. There’s times where I’ve made 10 grand and a month since I started this year with no experience doing email campaigns. I didn’t have a podcast at the beginning of twenty twenty.

I was scared, I thought, if I do, I have to sounding like my kids during some of their home school classes, right. So those are my tips for you today. Just wanted to bring you some hope and encouragement on if you’re looking to create an income. And it’s not that expensive, guys, it doesn’t have to be. I suppose it could be. But in my experience, I’ve done a lot of research this year. It doesn’t have to be that expensive to build.

So if you have any questions, please reach out to me. I do have a text line six one two seven nine nine eight seven nine one. And if you’re finding this at a later date, please join my healthy, wealthy and wise community. I do actually have Q&A sessions. Coming up here during this weekend, I’m recording this on the 18th, so the nineteenth, twentieth, twenty first twenty seconds and twenty third, I’m pulling out all the stops, you guys, to be a resource, to be a tool of support, encouragement and help to you.

So thank you guys for tuning in, tuning out. I can’t wait to see you and see all your questions as you go through this list filled course. Again, this is the only time I’m offering it for free. So I hope you can tune in who now it’s fifteen hundred dollars in value, and I can I can almost guarantee you it’s going to change your life as this journey has changed mine until next time. Here’s to your best health, your best self and your best wisdom.

Bye bye for now.


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