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How His Mediumship Gifts Created Hiw Best Health, Wealth & Wisdom With Didier Koffi

What the heck is mediumship and why is it even a topic pertaining to the Healthy N Wealthy N Wise brand?

Well, I can tell you if it strikes concern or fear into your mind, you have the wrong image – have no fear!

We want to talk about what Mediumship IS and what it is NOT

And it’s ok if this topic doesn’t resonate

We believe this topic can impact millions’ health and wealth and it’s time to share it!

Part of my journey in 2022 was to redefine myself and listen to the gnawing going on inside of me that had left me numb and depressed for 14 years, wearing a mask that wasn’t my truth (just what I thought I was supposed to show the world due to programming)   And living my true nature and purpose has never felt better to me and my family   The coolest part was, that not only did I be and become that/my truth, but I also invited my husband along for the ride   And oh boy, what a ride!   By pursuing his true nature and purpose and going within to find his real gifts he had been hiding/fighting, he changed his life!   He found his calling as a shaman and medium   He now is a channel and a Ghost Whisperer!   My husband Didier Koffi is going to offer up his first Intro to Mediumship webinar this coming Tuesday in honor of the Day of the Dead (aka All Saints Day/All Souls Day), November 1st

Do you know someone struggling with developing their mediumship/channeling abilities?

My husband has mastered his over the past year and is really excited to share/help others

Before that, it nearly destroyed our marriage and lives by him NOT know how to master these gifts

Do you think you have special gifts of channeling or mediumship?

Or maybe your partner or someone you care about is struggling with depression or just not knowing what the heck is going on in their body?   Mind?

Do you feel like you are going crazy?

Don’t know where to turn if you have this gift?

Tune in with Didier Koffi, the Ghost Whisperer, to hear his story of how he became a medium

This could change your life!

Join us on Tuesday, Nov 1st at 4 pm!

**Register even if you can’t attend live and you’ll receive the recording

Register now:

For more help in finding your own gifts, you can sign up for Didier’s upcoming program

Email him for a free 20 minute consult at

Or email us at

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