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For more than 30 years, Monica Dubay has been an author, speaker, workshop leader, and transformational mentor.

Her first book, Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life, A Mindset Mastery Roadmap to Release Fear, Awaken to Your Highest Self and Create a Powerful Life, released in December, 2020, is an Amazon Bestseller in Educational Psychology and Spiritual Healing.

Monica Dubay’s Mindset Mastery Method helps people shift quickly and transform their lives from the inside out. Monica combines spiritual energy release with mindset training, which cause clients to have rapid shifts in consciousness. Clients claim to have more healing with her in a few months than in many years of traditional therapy.

Monica’s life is a testament to her dedication to help people awaken, heal from trauma, and create a business they truly love. She works with mission-driven entrepreneurs to help them align to their highest level and impact. She does this using her own Mindset Mastery Method and Signature Program: Back to Basics Life Mastery. 10 Weeks to Free Your Mind and Create a Powerful Life.

Monica Dubay is a powerful leader, having thoroughly embraced her path, A Course in Miracles, along with many other spiritual traditions to facilitate her work.

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Well, all right, all right. All right. Happy Friday, everyone. It is Coach Lois here with our weekly Healthy and Wealthy and Wise podcast show. Again, I’m your host, Lois Koffi. I’m a sales trainer turned podcaster thanks to the Pandemic, and we are here every week to inspire you, educate you, and equip you with the tools to be your highest and best self, to have your best health, best wealth, whatever that means for you. And then, of course, the wisdom to know the difference and to really be true to yourself.

And so I’m Super excited about this month. Most of you guys already know here in the healthy, wealthy, wise community. It’s been Suicide Prevention of month, focusing a lot on mental health and the body mind connection. For those who don’t know, I’ve lost eight friends and a neighbor to suicide. I’ve struggled with oppression myself. And so I’m really excited today to have my guest, Monica Debate in Orlando, Florida, here to talk to us today about how you can heal your mind and heal your life. So I’m just going to dive right in because Monica has a great story and a lot of passion and wisdom to share with us today.

That again, if you see value in this, guys, please hit the share button. You know what to do if you’re just tuning in. Live comment below. Hashtag Live where you’re tuning in from Hashtag Replay if you’re on the replay. But most importantly, take notes and share this with someone that you love and care about. You just might change and or save a life. So Monica is an author, a transformational, mentor, healer of the mind like I shared with you. She’s been working with the mind for 30 years, guys.

And she’s a spiritual teachers, one of the many things that I love about her. And so I’d love for you to share your story, Monica, and what drives you and what you do to help serve people.

Sure. Oh, great. Thanks so much for having me. Lois is so exciting to be here. My story starts. I guess, back in 1989, when I was in New York City and I hit this wall of depression and anxiety. I had given up my love, which was to be a classical musician. And I thought I was going to able to do that. I had a Masters in performance and everything kind of collapsed. I wasn’t able to do it for a living. And although I was playing, doing some gigs here and there, like in Looking Center and other places and making to the finals of an Orchestra in New Haven, Connecticut, for first share, I didn’t get it.

And it was very discouraging. And so back then, I just thought, Well, I have to make a living. So I gave it up. And I went to work in corporations, ended up working in banks and insurance companies on Wall Street, walking around in heels and wearing a suit. And I just I think after four years, I was just like, who am I? You know, it was a big imposter syndrome, like, I don’t belong here. I don’t know what I’m doing here, but I didn’t really get all that until afterwards.

That was the cause of why I was so upset and so depressed. I tried to go to doctors in therapists and they just wanted to talk. And that didn’t really work for me. I did get hypnosis, which helped a little bit. But I ended up finding this little book called You Can Heal Your Life by Louis hey. And it opened up a world to me because it was all about changing your thoughts and that if you can learn how to change your thoughts, you actually have power over your life.

So I started doing it. And she had these little meditations that I would do. And I got happy. And I got much more connected to myself. You know, I started feeling grateful for everything, like my refrigerator, like every little thing that was, you know, you just don’t know, you’re just grateful for life itself. And I got into that state. And then I kind of looked further, like, how she learn all this, right. But I found that she recommended a course in miracles, and I didn’t know what that was.

And I went to a course. The New York Open Center started taking an introductory course to it, and it had a program like, 365 lessons. You do one every day, and your mind gets trained into thinking a whole different way. Like, instead of fear, love, right? People say that now love is the opposite of fear. So the course itself became a really powerful part of my life. And I actually have been doing it for the the whole time since then, 30 years, $30 and teaching people.

And I actually joined the spiritual community. That’s all we did. Of course, America. And we went and traveled the world, teaching and setting up healing centers. So I’ve been really actively involved with that for many years. And it’s still dear to my heart. Nothing I’d rather do. But then teach, of course, in miracles and how you can apply it to your life. So that’s my story.

That’s amazing. And I know there’s so many people out there that are searching and you talk about we talked about this before, but you did also mention impostor syndrome and how those voices I call them the voices in our head. I know some people like, Whoa, that sounds crazy. But I’m not talking about, like, schizophrenia. We all have these voices that are so negative. And society is addicted to fear. Like you turn on the news, fear. You see commercials, fear. You go so many places. There’s a lot of fear based thinking.

We’re just surrounded. But I know there’s a lot of ways we could talk here. But where does someone start in this world that we’re living in?

Well, the first thing is to become aware that you actually everyone has that voice. Everyone has the attacking voice in their head. Okay. It’s what we call in the course of miracles, the ego mind. It’s just the part of you that really is very confused about what it is and who it is. And so it never quite feels at home or at peace. So it’s always judging, judging, judging, and it’s criticizing you first and then criticizing others. And so it has this incessant need to continue to really try to be right.

It really is about I’m trying to be right. I want to know what’s going on. It’s all intellectual, mostly. And so it’s defending itself, always with this. I’m right. You’re wrong. And if you feel that way, I mean, most human beings do most of the time you want to be right. Yeah. But the key to the course is the course says, do you want to be right or do you want to be happy because you can’t really have both, because being right separates you from people and separates you from really who you are.

But being happy means I think I might be wrong. How about if I choose something else? What if I choose a different thought today? So it’s practically in a practical way, teaching you to undo those fear thoughts and teaching you that you have power over what you believe. And that’s really important, especially now because we are being said, a big narrative that there’s us in them. And there’s a big employ to get us to be at war with each other over crazy stuff. And, you know, of course, they’re using a vaccine and all that for that.

But but here’s the thing. We do have power over that. We don’t have to fall into that narrative, maybe a victim of it. But we have to be aware that that’s what’s going on. First of all, yeah.

The conscious mind is so underrated. So many people are on that hamster wheel autopilot, right? It’s easy to just stay stuck in that. Whatever you want to call it.

It is an autopilot. It’s the conditioning you grow up with, being biased about religion and about society and about what you’re supposed to do with your life and what’s going to work, and we all fall into it. Whether we like it or not, we’re in it. It’s like we’re in the soup. We can’t distinguish that. But what we can do is recognize that we’re actually caught in it when we keep giving meaning to everything by thinking we know what it all means. So the lesson of the course, America, the first lesson is nothing I see means anything, and that’s like clean slate, right?

Nothing actually means anything. But I’m giving it meaning what? I’m giving everything. I see all the meaning it has for me. And so we’re always constantly making meaning out of everything. And that’s why we’re stuck. But we could give it a different meaning. We could allow it to be kind of shown to us what it means rather than keep telling it what it means. Yeah.

Rewriting that story, right?

Yeah. It’s all the story.

It reminds me, I have to say this because I just posted about this on Facebook last night. We have The Matrix for trailer is out there, and it’s all about the resurrection and the blue pill, the red pill, and it’s phenomenal. So I just have to throw that out there. It’s like when I saw The Matrix, I was like, oh, my gosh. I didn’t really actually get it because it was 99. When it came out, I was all of whatever. 22. I don’t know. Anyway. So it is literally like swallowing a different pill in some respects, not the same as Pharmaceuticals, but I’m being facetious a little bit as you got to see the world for what it is and reprogram it and see it almost like The Matrix.

Would you say so I would call it The Matrix. I really would because it is being dumbed down to believe. First of all, things like, you’re not worthy, right? You’re not worthy. You’re not good enough. We all have that as deep programming for our religion and from our upbringing, maybe not everyone. Hopefully not everyone. Hopefully it’s changing. But there is that idea and suppression of women and suppression of children and everything. So there’s a lot of that that we have to learn to overcome. But the fundamental thoughts, you know, not being worthy, for instance, is a complete line, like, we’re all completely worthy, right?

We’re created by a creator who love us. Right. So I have to go from that premise that God is a God of love, not punishment. So if I think God’s going to punch me, then I’m screwed, because then I’m watching every little thing I do, and you’re always. But there’s no real doesn’t really make sense that a God of love would punishment. So it challenges the course, really challenges all of that, all of the belief system, and really teaches you that you have the power to change your life, to forgive, to let go and be at peace within yourself.

And that’s an experience that’s so cool.

And not everyone is willing to slow down and take the time. I know for me, I actually found the course of miracles in 2007, when I hit, like, Proverbial rock bottom. I lost everything. I was homeless. I went through bankruptcy foreclosure, and this girl said, I’m worthless. Steven, I’m not worthy. I like, I’m a failure. I’m worthless. And I wanted to pursue you talked about life purpose earlier, so I want to transition into that. I wanted to pursue sales training at that time, but I was so shredded in my head, in my heart, I really didn’t know at that time that fear had crept in.

That imposter syndrome had crept in and kind of like when you were talking about walking around in the student heels and all of that and feeling to press. I mean, I was there for, like, 13 years, and I didn’t pursue the course of miracles. I just was, like, in my head about, I can’t do that because people are going to think I’m a fake. People are think I’m a phony. So I didn’t pursue my life purpose. I went this other direction, man. Was that that not fun.

That was awful. And so for people that are listening. And I know this life purpose topic is in your book, right. So talk more about your book. Feel free to show us if you if you have it right there and how it helps direct people guide people towards their life purpose.

Yeah. So the reason I wrote it was because I coach a lot of women to find their purpose and to come into the light of who they are and what what really they’re passionate about, what do they really care about the most? And you have to go deep to find that you have to do some deep, inner work. But I know there’s a lot of people out there that just don’t know and they want to know because a lot of us, we might be great at what we’re doing and CEOs and making lots of money.

But deep down, there’s something missing or something feels disconnected because the success in the world is short lived. We’re going to die at some point, and we have to have that sense of fulfillment that we came here and we did what we said we would do. We made a promise to come here and heal people or show up in a certain way that would inspire other people. And I know there’s a lot of us on the planet that really want to do that. But there’s that voice that stops you.

So I wrote the book because I wanted to give people hope to awaken to their higher self, to learn how to connect to their higher self. First of all, because when I found the course, my intuition came online, my big time, this voice just started speaking to me. It was like, who said that it was like.

This is a good voice. This is a good book, a really great voice.

Because it was like, but it was pitiful. It was like, okay, you’re gonna quit your job because I hated my job, right?

You’re gonna quit your job.

You’re gonna go work for Mary Anne Lipson, and you’re going to start teaching, of course, of miracles. And I was like, who, me who’s like, what? But sure enough, that’s what happened. In the next several months. I ran into her. I was going to her lectures in New York anyway, but I ran into her in the bathroom, and I just said this word keeps telling me, I’m gonna work for you. And she goes, oh, good. Send me your resume. I’m like, It’s kind of weird, isn’t it?

And she goes, no, that’s how this works. It’s okay. Get used to it. So I did. And the next thing I knew, I was hired to work for her. I left my corporate world and work in nonprofit, helping people because that was when AIDS was a big deal. Nothing like cover. But now we got to kind of revisit what that was like, a lot of people were dying, and so I did that. And that’s when everything changed because I followed that voice and they never stopped.

Wow, that is so cool. I did put up your website already a little bit earlier in the show that I normally do just to let people know where they can get your book, heal Your Mind to Heal Your life. Com of course, that’ll be dropped in the show notes. And wouldn’t you say, as you work with your clients and, you know, my passion for suicide prevention and awareness and what’s going on? I feel like a lot of all of my eight friends who chose that path and way of moving on to the next life.

A lot of them struggled with their life at did you say eight friends?

Yeah. Oh, my gosh is terrific. Yeah.

Trust me, I could probably use a little more conversations with you. But anyway, I’m just being transparent with you guys. It hurts my heart. And I’ve had vision. I’ve had visions. They come to me and they say, Louis, you need to be our voice.

Oh, wow. We we do need to talk later.

I’m holding back tears, but that’s why I do this this whole month to remind people that you matter, you have value and don’t give up on finding why you’re here, which is what we’re talking about.

It’s so critical. It’s so critical now. And I I’ve coached, even, like, College age women who weren’t going to class because they had this big. I’m not worthy and people don’t love me, and they don’t like me. And after working for a little bit, they learned that that wasn’t true. And they have a big breakthrough. And they go to class and they graduate with honors because it’s really just questioning that fundamental belief that you’re not worthy, that there’s nothing here for you. And that’s not true. You’ve come here with a purpose and the purpose.

There is a sacred purpose. Really. Once you find it, you’ll find out what it is you’re meant to be doing. But I can understand. And I’ve been, you know, I’ve had transitions where I felt really like, I don’t know what I’m doing here. What the heck? You know, even since I found the course, like having to move, I’ve had three marriages and three divorces. Like my third divorce really rocked me. And that’s when I realized I can’t. I was doing massage and bodywork, and I had to give that up to do what I’m doing now.

But I didn’t see what I was supposed to be doing. I just knew my prayer was I want to have more impact. Please show me how the next thing I knew, my life was falling apart, and it was really hard because I didn’t have any money. And I moved. Someone gave me some money, and I moved to the east, back to Maine, where I was from. And this voice again, keep blogging. Keep doing what you’re doing. Just blog. Follow my guidance. I didn’t bring you for nothing.

My inner voice kept telling me what I need to do next. Still does every single day. So I think when we find our intuitive connection, that gives us a whole lot of hope and a feeling of purpose, but we need we need the coaches and the healers to come out of woodwork now and really be, you know, be out in the world and don’t be afraid, you know, to shine your light and to help people. So that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing, because I’m very passionate about helping people with with the mind and what stops you.

And suicide is really, really a problem right now. So is just depression because COVID was rough and still is. It was rough. Last year, I just moved to Orlando. I had a couple of friends. I had a boyfriend I was seeing for a couple of months and everything shut down. And then we broke up. And then there was just like nothing. And I was living alone for the first time in my life. It was really hard in a brand new city, but I went inside. I knew enough.

I have lots of tools, of course, and I got serious about my business and about writing my book and finishing it. So I channeled all that energy into doing stuff and making videos and putting videos up all the time. And having a getting a coach was critical, and it still is I hired coaches all the time. I hired you. We just, you know, we just got through, like, a three month program together. So I have that sense that I’m going to constantly ask for help and get the help that I need.

I love that.


I have a saying when in doubt, reach out, no one succeeds alone with the title of my first book. And I think about all the coaches and mentors that along the way in life, guide us to that next open door and that next opportunity. And that’s the hope that you have. And you have these tools. And I just want to remind anybody that’s just tuning in, please hit the share button. And if you find this on YouTube later, this is some really powerful stuff. As I know, we go into the next ten minutes of the show.

Do you have any tips from your book? Because I think part of the thing that was a struggle for me and why it was so easy to squash down that voice, the positive voice and just go on the hamster wheel of autopilot is because I just busied myself. I suffered from what I now coach my clients on now, which is time scarcity. There’s never enough time. I got to work seven days a week. I got to do this. I got to do that. I got to say yes to this and that and all of the things just because I didn’t want to slow down to quiet that voice and just be able to listen and go inward, because sometimes that can be messy, right?

Sometimes that awareness got to go to proverbial hell, to get to heaven on the other side. And I remember feeling so lonely when I slow down, I feel sadness. And I was like, I don’t want to feel that, right. So when someone is using your book, I know you have exercises and you actually have people go through and question some of these things, right?

Yeah. So I wrote it because I didn’t want it to just be about me and my story. So I wrote it about the principles that I learned of how to release fear. How do you look at your fear but know that it’s just it’s not going to stay there forever. It comes and goes and it’s actually made up. So when you get to the point where you are able to see that your fear is made up, it’s not just coming out of you when you get a handle on how to deal with your own fear and your own critical voices and you have a lot more power.

But I would never recommend doing it alone. Although I’ve given you like processes and how to start to face your fear and not shy away from them. People call it shadow work, right? In the holistic field. We call it shadow work. Being willing to look at your shadow, which is just everyone has a shadow, and the shadow is important because it’s teaching you stuff. It’s helping you grow. All it means is the light shine really bright. And so the shadow is getting bigger because you’re on the bird just having a big breakthrough.

So when it starts to feel like you’re breaking down, just notice that you’re on the verge of a breakthrough. Yeah.

I love that breakdown before breakthrough. Write that down, guys, because I had heard that from appoach years ago, too. And so it helped me give myself permission to have a breakdown because a lot of times as women, especially, we got to keep it all together.

We have.

We’re super mom, super spouse, Superpartners Super here drawer, right?

Yeah. And so in a crazy woman, though, right? It turns you into. And I know I can get in that state sometimes if I work too much, right? If I don’t take care of me, and I’m always like, go, go, go, go to help my clients. Got to get Ore clients. Got to do this and that and blah, blah, blah. I can get caught in that, too. And then forget that. Oh, no. I’m supposed to be having a life here. Supposed to be fun. You know, this is supposed to be joyful, because I don’t want to show up with fear in my mind.

I want to show up with a solution. So, yeah, it’s a practice, and I think it does take something to get to the other side of it. But I would suggest. And I’ve studied a lot of healers. I was with a master for ten years. Full time.


Yeah. In Wisconsin. Yeah. Incredible teacher. And really, it’s a confrontation to shine light on your fear or shine light on the sad part of you. But if you don’t do it, it’s still going to be there. If you do shine light on it, and you learn how to do that with love and compassion for yourself, which is what I teach in my programs. I teach everybody how to face that part of you. It’s just a wounded child, you know, that’s been hurt, and it needs your attention and your love because you’re an adult now, you have the skills if you can hook up to your higher self.

That’s what I talk about in the book. Teach you how to real exercises on connecting with your higher self, how to actually do that. It’s not that hard. You just have to learn how to do it and how to be sensitive enough to know it’s right here. It’s right here with you, right. But how to access it when you’re in pain, to just love that part of you really hold it in love and know that you’re safe.

But it also takes a muscle. Right. So that’s what I talk about. I coach on lead and time management, but a lot of times I want to refer more people to you, too, because there’s that that muscle. Yes, it’s great to learn about tactics and strategies. And yes, it’s great to figure out how to put all the right things into place for your day to maximize your potential. I think a lot of us, at least I can speak for myself. It’s easy to just put off that connecting to the higher.

So I’ll get that link to that later. I’ll get to that later. I got to have all this other stuff in order. Now, however, would you say the opposite is probably true. Being able to be your highest and best self to really develop that intuition, listen to that inner voice is going to actually help you be more effective and productive right way more.

Because then you’re going to be coming coming from a place of peace and connection rather than the hamster. We got got to get done. Do all those things I got to do to get where I want to go. That’s just that’s more of the Matrix you’re caught in the Matrix. If you’re just doing that and you think, oh, I’ll get this. I’ll get the husband, I’ll get the money. And then you get all those things and it all just goes, what?

Wait a minute.

This wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. And that happened to me when I was four day and I ended up getting divorced because I had all those things. I had money to hit Broadway show. We had two kids, big house in the burbs of New York, and I just was like, wrong. And I had this horrible pain in my stomach and it wouldn’t go away. I’m like, what is this? And then I realized I heard this chanting in my head, and I knew where that was.

And I went up to this ashram in the Catskills and just sat there for a whole I think it was ten days and meditated and cried. Basically cried my guts up for ten days while they chanted Om Namah via. Like, they just chanted. And I was just crying, crying, crying. I was going through a big transition, and within a few months, I was I was in a lot of light afterwards. I mean, huge light insertion afterwards where I was just I knew this was an illusion.

I knew that love was the answer. And I changed my life and moved, moved to Wisconsin from there. But in the book too, I’ve had lots of adventures like that.

That is so amazing. And I hope you guys, we haven’t had any questions. I know this is like a really heavy, intense topic, but if anybody has a question, now is the time we’re going to be start wrapping it up. And I know at your website, Heal Your Mind Healer Life.


I’ll also drop Monica Debate dot. Com in the show notes as well. They’ll be able to get your book. And there’s also, like, seven modules. Can you tell exactly what they can download there and also getting your book, and then you even have a breakthrough consultation as well.

Yeah. So I have a free two options in terms of speaking to me 30 minutes to just get to know you or a 50 minutes free breakthrough call where you get to have me help you see where you’re stuck and you’ll have a breakthrough and then see if you want to move further with me. If you want to just do it, get to know you. That’s fine, too. It’s free. Either way, I just like to have sort of an idea of what you’re looking for. There’s a survey if you want to do my free breakthrough so that we know we’re on the same page.

I don’t do it with everybody, but most people that want that call, as long as you say yes, I’ll show up and then my free gift is actually a program you can download. It’s called Ten Steps to Create Your Life. And I did that a few years ago when I was just getting started because I realized most people need that first step. How do I even think, like a creator? How do I think that I have power over my life? And I give you seven videos to teach you how to do that for free.

Awesome. That’s so generous, right? Because that’s the thing. We give our power away to so many organizations, institutions, the media.

I don’t want an auditory influence. Thousands of people. I don’t ever feel like I’m going to get supported that way. It’s okay. I’m sure a lot of people can help by that kind of. But I think a lot of women, especially we’re different, like, we need women leaders. We need the holistic healers just to come out and start helping with all that’s going on. And we’re different. We don’t approach life the same way, you know, and I won’t go into it. But there’s a lot of reasons why, but we come from our heart, and we have compassion.

And we also have to overcome the blocks that we have in our mind, like our worthy worthiness and our money money. Look. So I coach a lot on those two topics in all my programs. I give these bonus programs to people so they can do that.

Yeah, there’s a lot of we didn’t even get to that, because that could be a whole nother topic. But there’s so much fear around money, a lot of scarcity stuff, and a lot of scarcity comes from that fear. Not enough time, not enough money. Those usually are right up there. And so I’m so grateful to have you here today. I want to give a shout out to Sean. Wait. Another great presentation. He’s giving you applause. So thank you so much. I just want to go over a couple of announcements and reminders for the healthy, wealthy wife community.

And then I got one more question for you, Monica. So I just want to remind you guys that this is suicide Prevention month, September. The whole month has got a huge, huge focus on that because there’s a lot of people hurting. The suicide rate is up. Depression is up all of the things, right. And we just want to shed light and bring people together. And having these conversations is so powerful. So please share this link. I’ll drop it in the show notes as well. Suicide Prevention that now that site you’ll see Monitor interview last week’s interview next Tuesday.

We have my TEDx coach, Frank King. He actually is a mental health comedian, and he actually did attempt to commit suicide. And so that was his first TEDx talk of six and talking about his journey, his story. So it’s a special episode. It’s Tuesday, not Friday. So next week Friday, we will not have a show, but Tuesday at 315 Pacific, 330 Pacific. You guys can tune in and hear Frank’s story. I also want to remind you guys, for those of you who have been following me, another part of my passion and my heart was creating my own virtual summit.

That goes really well with this topic. That’s why it’s at the beginning of October. So just exactly in the order that this is called Manifest and then Monetize. If you manifest your highest and best self, we have some amazing, powerful spiritual healers, coaches, teachers. You’re going to love it. Monica, I hope you can attend, maybe be a speaker at my next one. It’s all about creating that harmony within so that you can go and Manifest and monetize without. So please sign up at Manifest and Monetize.

And I’m also looking for promotional partners. If you want to help spread the word about this summit, it’s going to be massive and get an impact and improve the lives of so many people. People are going to walk away, change forever more. So please reach out to me, shoot me a message on Facebook or an email and I’ll get you signed up as a promo partner, and then you can get referral income for spreading the good news. So in summary, in closing my favorite question, I always love to learn from my guests all the great content today.

But also when you hear the phrase healthy and wealthy and wise. Monica, what comes up for you? What does that mean for you?

Wow. I love it. I mean, I think it’s all of that, right. We all have to be in our wisdom to know how to be healthy and wealthy. But wisdom first for me and then healthy because one from wisdom comes to your health and then wealthy is the means to do what you’re here for. Awesome.

Yeah, I love it. I love it. I know. I actually thought about changing the order. I just love the phrase early to bed. Early rise makes a man or woman healthy and wealthy and wise. So that’s the background a little short, little nugget for you, guys, if you didn’t know where that sort of came from. But I love that wisdom. You gave a lot of wisdom today. And guys, tune in to your innate wisdom. I encourage you on behalf of myself and Monica to really just sit.

Maybe today an extra five minutes, 10 seconds, whatever. And just really, just be quiet and maybe watch this again a second time and again. Take advantage of Monica’s amazing generous free gift at Heal your mind. Heal your life. Com. So again, as a general reminder, guys, we will not be here next Friday. We’ll be here on Tuesday afternoon. I’ll look forward to seeing you live or on the recording and the replay. So until next time. Guys, here’s your best health, your best wealth. And of course, like we talked about today, your best wisdom in finding and creating your highest and best self.

Bye bye for now, guys.

Hey, guys.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe refer a friend and please drop me a rating or a review. If you do that, I’ll reward you with a free 20 minutes free coaching session on crafting your journey to your best. Reach out to me at Lois at Lois Cofee dot com to claim your 20 minutes left. Until next time, the healthy, wealthy and wise.


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