Healthy N Wealthy N Wise

with Lois Koffi

Food Is Our Medicine

Food is our medicine!

Would you agree?

What are you learning about yourself and food right now during this pandemic?

Lots of us our cooking from home OR ordering out more OR having wine delivered…..yet what is our daily mindful choices creating FOR or AGAINST us right now…..

And what is it building in our future?

I learned that the hard way in 2007-2011 when I lost my mind and had mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety…..right now I am reminded how stress eating/drinking/choices (I prefer that word over addiction) can destroy us long term

My daily choices for nearly a decade brought me a HUGE crushing blow #caffeine #sugar #guthealth

Your health is your wealth! You can’t be a top business owner/salesperson/mom/dad/friend/lover without focusing on this

Excited to interview Julie DeYarman Litchfield this Friday about this topic as it is her wheelhouse!! #foodismedicine #medicineisourfood #healthiswealth #healthynwealthynwise #podcast

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