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Divine Detachment For Your Business Success W/Tanja James

2020 was a huge year of awakening for so many – perhaps a dark night of the Soul (meaning challenging look in the mirror of truth of highest Self purpose)

Today I have an amazing speaker that can help you unpack that!

Tanja James is a multidimensional healer and breakthrough alchemist who works with fellow healers, creatives, and heart-centered individuals who wrestle with stepping fully and freely into their authentic voice and power.

Tanja assists her clients to stop holding themselves back and start trusting life and their intuition. Instead of not feeling aligned their gifts or their next steps, Tanja supports them to rise into their full potential, inner-freedom, and sovereignty! 

Her clients are able to leave the past behind for good and walk confidently into their future with joy, ease, grace, peace, and excitement. 

During this powerful talk, Tanja James teaches on how to hold space for the light and global transformative processes without compromising your own sovereign vibration! If you are watching/reading this you most likely already know that we are living in times of great change and massive shifts are occurring both collectively and individually. Are you feeling pulled by these shifts and finding it more challenging to ground and find your center? Have your relationships been more strained than usual because of no longer seeing eye to eye on passionate topics?

Are you carrying more on your shoulders than you’d like to, but haven’t been able to release what isn’t yours to carry? Has riding these energetic waves of collective upgrades, downloads, and releasing left you feeling exhausted much of the time? You can access balance, peace and neutrality now, in spite of what’s happening in the world!

Tanja James address these topics and more in this talk which also includes a Light Language Activation! We are all learning how to become stronger energetic surfers at this point and the activation Tanja gives is designed to take you from overwhelm and heaviness into lightness of being and excitement for what is to come. 

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