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She specializes in high quality bots for lead magnets.

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RJ creates epic engagement experiences that motivate people to click that button, connect with you, and enroll like crazy. 

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Automate and Fill Your Calendar With Quality Sales Calls with Chat Bots with RJ Redden

Are you living your best life as a salesperson or entrepreneur? Or do you find you’re working all the time on this hamster wheel of life while stressed out and not financially free, which is the exact opposite of what you had signed up for? Especially now in this global pandemic?

If this is you.

You are not alone. I found myself there in 2008 when I lost everything, including my health and had to pivot working from home for the first time with no money, I rebuilt my life from scratch, juggling motherhood and marriage to get my life back and be recession and pandemic proof.


Now we live laptop lifestyles with our kids and our poised to travel the world together. How did we do it? Join me as I share my health and wealth and wisdom, secrets, tips, tools and expert interviews to equip you to be recession proof and live your best life. My name is Lois Koffi, and this is healthy and wealthy and wise.

Well, all right.

Happy Friday, friends, this is Coach Lois. If you’re tuning in live, you are here at the healthy and multi and wide Facebook community. Also on my fan page. I am Louis Kofi. I’m your sales trainer, podcast host and all about sales transformation and helping you live your best health, your best wealth, and your best wisdom with amazing guests every single week. And gosh, guys, we’re going to have fun today with our guests all the way from Omaha, Nebraska. I’m going to introduce her in just a couple of seconds, but you guys know the drill.

I know we were off last week because of my summit, so you guys might be forgetting this is the time. If you would like to invite other people to join us, please hit the share button as well as if you would like to be acknowledged because I love acknowledgement with these live shows. Comment below. Hashtag live and where you’re tuning in from. And of course, if you happen to catch the replay, go ahead and do hashtag replay. And also at some point, if you have questions for our amazing guests, don’t forget that you can submit those questions below and we’d be happy to answer those later.

So I’m going to go ahead and introduce my friend. I met you. It was two years ago. I don’t know if you remember this. This was just before Kovid November of 2019. I went to Jane Powers event in Phoenix.


And first of all, I was like, who is this lady? She’s not afraid to wear a Cape and goggles. She loves to create a digital adventure, and I know you teach coaches how to fill their calendar and skyrocket their income and results by so doing so, I’d love for you to share more about your amazing self and how you serve clients and a little bit more about why you do it.

Well, it all began in 1973. How much time do we have. Well, I tell you, I have been a teacher all my life. When I was six years old, I was in the first grade and the whole school because it was a very small school. I’m from Iowa. Everyone a very small school. And the entire school was at a skating rink for the day field trip. And I was frightened. All right. All these big kids whizzing around doing their little tricks, and I was like, Man, I just forgot how to skate.

I don’t think I can do those things. What happened next was legendary in my life because I spotted a group of kindergarten who more scared than I was. And I skated over there and I said, okay, this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to learn how to skate today. And that’s what we did all day long. I taught him how to skate. Nobody was doing tricks by the end, but everybody had fun. And I had a wonderful time. And I got a special award for my teacher.

It was for the pink fuzzy it is on my fridge today. And these pink fuzzy words just have to paper where she wrote down what I had done with the students and that she thought it’d really nice for me to do.


Teaching is in my blood, and coaching is in my blood so fast forward a little bit, because, again, we don’t have three years on this thing. But that was a real pivotal moment where I just discovered that for me, I have most fun and effectiveness by showing others demonstrating how others can achieve that peak performance, if you will, even if it’s just kindergarten at the skating rink. So that’s kind of where I come from. Well, long story shorter. I kind of grew up, always had a passion for the world Lodge systems work.

We didn’t really have. Computers had not taken over the world when I was growing up. If you did that, you’ll know. But computers weren’t a logic systems behind. Things have always fascinated me. I got into College. Theater, arts major. Yeah, you know it. I was an arts major, and I loved that when I graduated, it was not stunning lucrative. And so I went into some different things. I had a design career for a while because I had done some scene design. I’ve done many things. But the most important thing that I’ve ever done is watch that come on in somebody’s eyes.

Watch them step into the fact that they have choices, and they have power over their situation way more than they ever thought they experienced. And I’m also a huge lover of technology. I just Dove headfirst into it. I can’t code. I don’t like that. There’s just this wall letters and numbers. And I’m sorry, no, but I can see the underlying logic. That’s what makes me a geek. That’s what makes me traditionally make computers do things that they maybe weren’t supposed to do. I traditionally can have some power over that realm, which makes me then very powerful my clients as well, because I can teach them how to do the same thing.

I love that. I love all of that. And I’m having been born and raised in Iowa and understanding that that’s one of the things I think you and I connected on. And we both have teaching and coaching in our blood. Now the technology side, I will say when the pandemic hit, I know I wasn’t ready, and I know you probably were very much ready because you’re already. I think when I met you, weren’t you already in the bot space? Can you tell us more about that? And then, of course, I know we want to talk about your core assessment later.

Yeah, absolutely. So chatbots were something that I ran into. And it was another real cheating point in my life. I took my turn at corporate slavery. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t good. I did not fit there. I’m definitely unemployable. And I got back to school and got a computer degree, actually, along with two Masters, one with management information systems, one with public administration. And then I started my own business. For that, I carry on for a while. Sort of. Everybody’s marketing it help desk for, like, really micro businesses and stuff like that.

I liked it, but it wasn’t. And it was more lucrative than my former group four stuff. But it just wasn’t good because I would teach people and these people believed in me and I would teach them. Okay. This is how you do a Facebook campaign, so we get it all. We get it all on there. Gangbusters and Boop algorithm changes. Where are we? Square one, my Darling. Square one. And people would look at me like, Why does this keep happening? And I’m like, you’re doing nothing on these social platforms are not in it to make you famous.

And so we’ve got to adjust everything this happens. We have to start from square one. I was frustrated on the inside. That’s just not how it should work. It’s just not how it should work, how it does work. But it’s not how it should work. I was looking for something to specialize in in marketing that would allow a business owner to be more powerful. I ran into chatbots one day because this client, I don’t know if you’ve had these kind of clients, Louis, but they do things like, say, I’ll have that to you by Sunday, and then Sunday comes and it goes and another week goes.

And if you are coaching somebody or if you’re helping them with something, there are things that you need to have. It’s a give and take, but you’ll get distracted and forget. I had like that. Who needed some accountability? I had run into Chat bots because of that client. She tended to also jump things and get in over her head and say, hey, RJ can you be out here? I saw that she was in a group called Bot Academy, and I was like, oh, she’s been talking about bots a lot.

I’m getting in there. I’m going to head her off at the pass before she calls for help. I will have a solution for I got in the group. It said I was like, okay, I’ll start there. I’m a rule follower sometimes. And so I started there. I was immediately in a bot who introduced himself as a bot. It told me a dad joke. I love myself some dad jokes, and it gave me a choice about what I wanted to hear about next. It took me five minutes to fall in love.

When was the last time somebody gave you a choice about what you need to hear about in marketing? It’s usually from the point of me going, this is what I think you hear about. Or this is what I want to hear about. It’s never making a choice. Going, hey, I really care about all that stuff. But what’s this? We don’t have conversations with our people like that, because what we’ve been taught is we’ve been taught about how to populate people’s inbox everything that’s being modeled. There is a one way communication here.

I’d stumbled upon a two way communication that allowed me to give that other person who’s going through that communication a little bit of respect. Some choices cheer them on a little bit. My life changed just later. I changed everything over to black belt bots, and it was after that that I met you. I’ve been doing chatbot chatbot for four years now. I absolutely love them. They are the greatest automation. They are the greatest personalized client journeys out there. And I am excited every day to come to work and create for my clients.

Personalized journeys.

Wow, that’s amazing, because I’ve been skeptical. I’ll be honest about Bob because a lot of the times I see them, I don’t really understand them. Some people would say, and this is probably an objection. You hear is I just want to talk to the real human.

And my response to that is, of course you do. Let me get you one right away. I’m just having that says the human there’s. Some people would really rather not do that because what they’ve been exposed to is there’s a lot of bad bots out there? I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for all the other members of my profession. I apologize for them because they’re treating a bot an email. They’re treating it like a one way communication. If you ever opened a bot and you see this much text, if your wall of text could be seen from space, you are doing it wrong because people just copy and email, throw it in there and go, we’re going to treat this like email.

It’s a different mechanism. It’s a mechanism. You need to converse different. And a lot of people haven’t really taken the time to do that. So there are lots out there, but mine always include the talk to a human button.

I love that. I love that. I think it’s cool because there’s a lot of sales Navigator on LinkedIn. There’s all these different tools where you don’t know if you’re actually really talking to a human or a bot or a virtual assistant. And I think sometimes people get offended if they find out that they’ve been, quote, unquote duped. So I like that your bots are honest, straightforward, and I will have to maybe check your bots out.

I do own checkoutmybah. Com. Just saying anyway.

I do.

Anyway, you know what it is to my advantage to say to people right away? This is a bot because it changes their expectations, because if you think you’re into a human, you can just pretty much ask any question any way you want to and expect that human to be able to come up with something if I say, hey, I’m RJ’s. Digital assistant. My name is Spinning Dragon. You can do the following things here, their expectations change and they’re a lot more likely to leave satisfied and happy.

Which is what you want.


No, I love that customer service is key. We can’t all be. I mean, I teach. My coaching program is called healthy, wealthy and wise coaching. You can’t be healthy, wealthy and wise by sitting on your butt all day, every day, seven days a week, waiting for the messages to come. You’ve got to automate, you’ve got to outsource, you got to have assistance. And I know when I introduced you, I’d love for you to share more because as a sales coach and trainer, I do work with my clients on coaching how to fill their calendar through permission based social selling, lead generation, good old fashioned phone calls and things of that nature.

So how do you teach coaches to fill their calendar and skyrocket their results?

Well, so when I talk about filling that calendar, you’re addressing some of the digital side of it. What I like to address during my challenges and stuff is, what do you have in your hand? Who do you know right now and then teaching people to reach out to the warm crowd, teaching people they need a calendar link to be able to give out to people, teaching people how to ask and how to reach out and tell people what you do in an invasive way. We’re often taught the invasive way I am 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

And so it’s all about using that warm crowd. And then part two, is everybody’s taught to have a lead magnet? Oh, my God. Everyone’s going to have that written on their headstone. Get a lead magnet. Get a lead magnet. What I like to do is have a lead magnet that is interactive there’s where the bot comes in. Yeah. You know what I’m saying? I love to have a lead magnet that will tell me as much about you as you are being about me. I love to have that twoway conversation, so that by the time I get you on a Zoom call with me and we’re chatting, I already know based I know some about who you are, what you’re trying to do, and what some of your problems are.

And I can make that 30 minutes darn efficient. And you’re going to walk away satisfied, delighted that you’ve met me. Perhaps just in going further. It’s so much easier when and here’s the thing. So much of lead magnets are top ten tip sheets, and I have one, so no shade to those who have one. I have one. But I want the opportunity to get to know you immediately, because right now, when you’re reaching out, it says that you’ve got about five minutes for somebody to your website to respond to them and follow up.

And all of that. And out of that, you fall out of their mind. We’ve all heard that statistic.

Here’s the thing, though.

If you engage them from the start, if you are interested in who they are, which you should be if you’re a coach and you’re trying to get clients out there, then having that interactivity where you’re asking them to put in information and the conversation could maybe take this branch or if they’re interested down here that could take this branch. Those are the things that make you super memorable, huge, important, and you will not fall out of their brain after five minutes.

I promise you, I have a saying because I teach there are five to twelve touches before you close the sale.


And it’s pretty standard across the industry. And with what you’re talking about, you can get a lot of touches in a compressed time frame, which I love and go deeper, faster. It sounds like. And I always like to joke about that scene from Jerry Maguire. When Renee Zellweger says you had me at Hello, it sounds like your bot lead magnet is essentially that you want to have them at Hello and be engaging with them right away.

You do. And here’s the thing that is amazing to me. It’s just so beautiful. The people that don’t like my sense of humor don’t like the way that I look, don’t like the way that I talk, or for some reason turned off by anything that I do will self select out. So my calendar compared to before I bought and after I got the bot before I got the bot, it was chase people down, shakespeople down. I’m on the phone with you. When we get them on the phone, it’s going to take you a few minutes to establish that you’re not going to try to sell them anything and that they could relax because you got to relax people and you talk to them and you find out this ain’t your person.

They need something totally different. Or they’re just different places in their journey can’t help them. Now let’s flip to after I get the bot. Every buck everybody shows up. I don’t spend 510 minutes trying to relax them. They’re excited to talk to me. They’re excited to talk to me because they already know who I am and what I’m all about. And it was easy and fun for them to do that. You know what I’m saying? If it’s easy when it gets done, everybody write that one down.

If it’s easy and fun, it gets done. If you make getting to know you easy and fun, it gets done. The people who end up on your calendar are people who end up saying stuff like, So what’s the price can we talk about what is going to work with you as their first question? It is an amazing difference. It really is. And so what I love to cover with people. The part one, what’s in your hand? Who do you know what opportunities are you overlooking now that could get some people in very quickly on your calendar and get people spreading the news about you.

And then let’s look at that lead magnet. How can we make it into something that is an interactive quiz, a little contest. Maybe it’s a game. It could be any of these things. It could be a video, whatever it is, making it interactive so that people are interested and excited to put themselves in the calendar.

I love it. You’re talking my language because that is the biggest thing that I see that holds coaches back is getting enough sales calls or booked whatever they call them appointments on their calendar and close the deal. And if you can do as much upfront closing right. And the call is just merely how much where do I pay?

Where do I sign? It’s a world of difference.

I want to talk about your free gift today because it’s a little bit. I think it could be so helpful for people to also understand your marketing personality. You have this core assessment that helps people understand and know their marketing personality type, so it’s easier to communicate with those potential buyers. Can you talk more about what that free gift is?

Oh, yeah. I would love to. Now you all raise your hand. If you’re surprised that this leads to a bot, I know you’re out there. Anyway. This link leads to a quiz that I give on a bot. What this quiz does is it asks you a number of questions. It’s a bit like a BuzzFeed quiz. It’s super easy. It takes less than five minutes. When you answer some of the personality questions, then what it will do is it will tell you what your marketing personality is, which of the four categories that you fit into?

And why is this important? Is this, like, your Hogwarts house? No. It’s even more important than that. I know, right? It’s more important than that because what I know when I figure out what your category is in core, then I can shoot you a customized marketing mix that is just for that category because you know as well as I do, there are 1000 million and one marketing tools out there. Not every single one is right for every single person. I want to amend the marketing activities that are going to a affect your bottom line the fastest, but also feed.

You know what I mean? If I did SEO all day, I would die in this chair, a board skeleton that sucks the life out of me. It’s a really good tool. Someday I’ll hire somebody to do it for me, but it does not feed my soul at all. Now get me speaking up on stage. It feeds myself every time. It gives me energy. Give me what I need, that type of stuff. So what I’m trying to do with that? What I am doing with the marketing mix is let’s get you geared towards marketing activities that feed you your bank account and your emotional energy and give you power that you need to conquer the world.

I love that. That’s what we’re all about here and healthy and wealthy and wise. Because are you here to make a living, RJ, or are you here to design a life and make so much money that you got to give a lot of way because you’re satisfied.

You’Re feeding your soul.

So it’s not wealth isn’t all about the money. It really is about leaving a legacy, making an impact. I’m hearing all of those things and what you’re saying or am I on target? There you are.

So on. We need to spend more time together just because I love talking about these things. It is not about doing the same old thing. It’s not because you do the same old thing, the same old result. It’s about less design a life because not as a career is separated from life, is separated from all these things. Mix in. Let’s just embrace it and design the kind of life we want to live.

Yeah, 100%. I know we’re running out of time. I do want to make a couple of announcements and then we’ll close it out with some more powerful info from RJ and kind of a great segue. What we were just talking about. Some of you know this. Not everyone knows this, but I have a brand new coaching program called Healthy and Wealthy and Wise Coaching. I’ve coached hundreds of people in the last twelve months on sales and lead generation mastery, time management work smart, not stupid. In other words, design a life like we were just talking about.

And so if there are those of you who are out there that are excited and want to learn how to manifest 20K months every month without fail, earn an additional $250,000 in the next twelve months and do it with nights and weekends off and taking twelve weeks off in 2022. Please join me. I actually have a new Facebook group that’s going to be designed to focus on this. It’s called permission based 20K months. I have the link in the show notes. I have the link below and I would love for you guys to join me inside of that group so you can learn more about that program.

And I’ll be talking more about that over the next few weeks as people gear up for 2022. So super excited about that. So RJ, I always like to close. Is there any other thoughts that you haven’t shared yet? And then, of course, I don’t see any questions. Although, guys, this is your opportunity right now. If anybody has a question about bots about marketing, this is your opportunity to quick comment below. Otherwise, is there anything else that you haven’t shared that’s on your heart that you would like our audience to hear today?

Yes. And is this that for the first time ever in the history, we individual entrepreneurs are able to scale personalization in a way that is incredible, unheard of. And we don’t even know that right now. And what I mean by that is a lot of the old traditional types of market methods here look like someone else sound like somebody else. Get your copy like this person does. It teaches you how to be everybody else, which is not how you stand out. If you want to stand out, let that personality shine.

It is what makes the difference between you and the other people in a room. Do exactly what you do. You are the only person that can do this. You are the only person capable of the superpower on the Earth right now. Please be yourself.

Be yourself.

Let that personality shine. Some people are totally going to hate it. People avoid me because of the Cape. I’ll tell you that that’s fine with me. I’m okay with it because only my people approach and that is a wonderful thing. Please be unafraid and unapologetic about your personality. And that is the message that I used to share with the world today.

I love that. Well, was I drawn to you because of your Cape and goggles, it’s like this lady, she’s cool and hip like me. So we got to hang out. I love it. Thank you for that message because it’s so important. I think a lot of people last month was suicide awareness month. I’ve had nine friends commit suicide in the last 15 years, and I just know that a lot of it came down to not loving themselves, not accepting their greatness. And as I like to say, maybe even possibly their weirdness.

We all got to be us because everyone else is taken. So thank you for sharing that. I have one more question for you. One more question. I ask this of all of my guests. So when you hear the phrase healthy and wealthy and wise RJ, what comes to mind for you? What does that mean for you?

Well, it’s sort of a three legged stool type of thing. I feel like those three things kind of need to be in relative balance. When you got a stool and you’ve got one that’s kind of short. You’re always going to be doing this. But in order to really plant on the face of the Earth, you’ve got to have those three levy about even or as close. I know people are more drawn to the health realm. I know people that are more drawn to the wealth realm and all of that kind of stuff.

To me, it seems like a well balanced system can accomplish just about anything. To balance those three parts, I wonder where you can go.

Oh, the places you will go. As Dr. Seuss always said.


Well, thank you so much for bringing Value today. I’ve not had anybody on here about Bots, and so I only bring the best. So thank you so much for your wisdom and your knowledge. And again, guys, please invite people to join this healthy, wealthy and wise community almost every single week. We have amazing guests. Amazing value, amazing engagement with positive, like minded, supportive go givers who are here to encourage one another. So if you saw Value today in this message, please again, hit the share button. And if you’re seeing this on YouTube itunes, wherever, please share it with those that you care about.

So next week, we have another guest. Her name is Wendy New, and she works with executive women and coaches them to experience their best business and their best life. So I hope you guys can tune in next time, same time, same channel. So until then, here’s your best health, your best wealth, and your best wisdom. Everyone. Thanks, RJ. Thanks, guys, for tuning in.

Hey, guys.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe refer a friend and please drop me a rating or a review. If you do that, I’ll reward you with a free 20 minutes free coaching session on crafting your journey to your best self. Reach out to me at Lois at loiscoffee. Com to claim you’re your 20 minutes slot until next time. Be healthy, wealthy and wise.


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