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A stress reduction visualization for the holidays

One of the things that 2020 has taught me is that self care is critical for success in my business AND in my personal life.

Recently my therapist referred me to the book called The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff, MD.

It really hit me that this year I have been out of balance and off guard with my energy and really sensitive to all the energies going on in the world.

And that I am an empath (see her book to discover if you are an empath or not)

Do you find yourself easily overwhelmed or anxious?

Do you find that energy vampires suck you dry?

How do you protect yourself and stay strong so you can be your best in your business and for your family/friends/relationships?

I made this visualization exercise for myself and my clients and wanted to share it with the masses in my community. I care about you and know that we all need to put on our oxygen mask first.

And sometimes the holidays can be a time where all of the above is challenging, especially if we can’t be with our loved ones.

Here’s to your rejuvenation – your protection and your health!


A stress reduction visualization for the holidays. – powered by Happy Scribe

Recently, I discovered that I truly am an empath, an empath is someone who easily takes on emotions from other people, places, events. And you can absolutely check out the book, The Empath Survival Guide by Judith Orloff within this book. She taught me how to create a grounding in everything, visualization. And I wanted to share with you because I do believe there are a lot of you out there that are connected to me, like attracting like, of course, that may find peace in this visualization.

I’m doing this in my backyard, enjoying the nature sounds, and I share those with you in case you cannot find a space like this. Please listen, follow this, enjoy whenever you’re needing this to relax and meditate and shield yourself from energy, vampires, negativity, feeling heavy or depressed or even alone, connect with this message and ground yourself with this visualization. Whenever you feel overloaded, anxious or fearful, take time, quiet time to lower your simulation level.

With this visualization, being alone to recharge will help you decompress. Remember to turn off the computer and your phone, sit in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths to relax your body, feel the stillness and ease as tension begins to melt away. There is nothing to do and nothing to be. Just take a deep breath. And relax. When thoughts come, let them drift by like clouds in the sky. Do not attach to them.

Focus only on slowly inhaling. And then exhaling. Feel the stress leaving your body as you connect to a sense of serenity. In this tranquil interspace, visualize a large, wide tree with a wide, strong trunk. That extends down the center of your body from head to toe. Take a few moments to feel its power and vibrant energy. Then visualize the tree’s roots growing from the bottom of your feet and rooting down into the ground. Making their way deeper.

And deeper. Creating a comforting sense of solidity. Focus on these routes when you are anxious or afraid. Let the Roots anchor you into Mother Earth, stabilizing you. Rooting yourself in this way provides an inner strength that will keep you centered and protected when life gets overwhelming. As you gently and slowly open your eyes, continue to feel the sensation of grounding.

Slowly come back to the outer world, knowing that you can use this visualization to anchor yourself whenever you get thrown off balance. Remember, grounding is an essential skill to keep you strong. Focusing on your feet, not your fears or sense of overwhelm. Is a quick way to come back to center. And center and balance yourself. A foot massage also works wonders to get you out of your head and into your body. Even going outside and walking in the grass, walking.

On the earth, feeling the sand or the dirt, whatever it is, beneath your feet. Regularly practice this earthing meditation. To reduce that sensory overload so that you can be and become. Your most authentic and highest and best version of you. Because remember, you bring value. You make a difference. You are worthy. You are loved.


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