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5D Transition Revelations & Preparations, Part 1

5D Transition Revelations & Preparations 

What the heck is all the talk about 3D versus 5D?

What does it really mean?

I asked those questions almost 3 years ago when my mentor at that time, Franco, was telling me about it.   At first I thought he was crazy…..but then….I started seeing it apply in my life

My life was falling apart and it felt like the world I knew was falling apart with it (actually could say that started in 2016 for me)

Have you noticed a lot of sickness going around more than the usual cold and flu season?


Maybe know people struggling deeper with grief or addiction


Or relationship issues


Or maybe more psychic or spiritual gifts are coming online….and you aren’t sure how to navigate that?


Maybe you feel called to take better care of yourself….but aren’t sure where to begin amidst all the options


Emmanuel and Magdalena will share openly how you can best prepare for the 5D transition – because that is what is being asked of ALL OF US, whether you even know what 5D is or not (some call it Age of Aquarius
).   Some even call it a prophecy of what has been predicted since Biblical times.

We aren’t religious, and yet, we now are believers of this time being a very pivotal one on our planet

It could mean the difference between life or death – joy or suffering.

As we have shared on our podcast before, this is the time of the Divine Feminine awakening, also known as transition into the 5D realm (aka New Earth)

My husband has had an NDE, near death experience, that helped him awaken his ability to channel/connect with the divine guidance.

They have confirmed with him what we believe to be true and what other teachers have shared with us

We will be fully in the Divine Feminine energies by June of 2024 by the summer solstice

In this Part 1 of 2 series (and a webinar coming soon in March), we open up the conversation of what this really means at a more practical level.

We aren’t here to say that aliens are coming to take us up into their space ships.

HOWEVER, now that we are feeling it as a collective in world and personal events – there is no way to hide from this


The energies will be challenging our internal game, our physical and mental health and our relationships


It can also challenge our addictions, our beliefs around money, our careers and our own purpose on this planet at this time.


Our hope is to help you navigate these potentially challenging times with more ease and grace, love and compassion for yourself and your fellow humankind


This is the time that is calling us to expand our consciousness and truly grow into remembering who we TRULY are at the heart of us and align more fully with our Divine Selves within


We believe we are fully human and fully Divine – it is time to integrate these polarities once and for all. To honor our shadows (aka traumas) and our light, to honor our feminine and masculine energies within.

To come back to love, collaboration and true Unity consciousness.   

May we release the power, control, greediness and scarcity together!





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